Also remember the CCTV star Zhu Xun? She had been sick and away from the Spring Festival

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Also remember the CCTV star Zhu Xun? She had been sick and away from the Spring Festival

2016-07-21 00:10:13 1673 ℃

Mention the CCTV host artistes, a lot of people first reaction is Dong Qing, Zhou Tao, Li Sisi,, CCTV for the older viewers probably forget not elves lovely moderator, Zhu Xun.

She is very smart and talented, only 14 years old into the CCTV work, as the "our generation" of the small host and school uniform model. Zhu Xun, the budding star of the movie "rockers". After about constantly due to study she should have given away a lot of olive branch, studying in Japan.

In order to pay their tuition fees and living expenses, she even in Japan answered the sweep the toilet, to the astronomical, tuition, she forced himself to work to save money.

Excessive fatigue examination before college Zhu Xun fell ill, had two suffering from hemangioma lying in a hospital bed. In order to raise the high tuition fees, just out of the hospital knife is not completely good long she began a new career.

After returning Zhu Xun hosted a lot of stalls in the CCTV program, the exchange of space, her gentle and considerate style. Large won the audience favorite, and presided over the CCTV - 4 "fun Wuzhou", "Chinese folk song" and "Zhengda arts" exterior presided over and bear the party presided over the work. Zhu Xun dedicated and often work overtime work.

In early 2007, Zhu Xun suffering from thyroid cancer, 5 in preparation for surgery, but at the time she and Dong Qing also jointly presided over the sixth CCTV essay contest, on the stage she didn't show the slightest fatigue, many viewers do not know her condition has not been good.

Think before Zhu Dan left Zhejiang satellite TV, the reason is working too hard, often "lianzhouzhuan" begin to understand popular host of left move. Also advise you hard work, the most important body take care.

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