Life is not like his wife talk about the actor small action exposed the secret!

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Life is not like his wife talk about the actor small action exposed the secret!

2017-01-08 11:36:54 333 ℃

In recent years, the entertainment of the new star couple really many, show affection but not in the minority. Most beloved actor boasts such as life, as it is not really a wife like life, is not talking about it so simple, the actor was exposed little secret!

Huang Xiaoming in the entertainment circle is a model husband, not only to give baby a fairy tale wedding like grand, when baby's pregnancy also show the utmost solicitude this is baby in early pregnancy, was photographed one family to have lunch in the restaurant, the picture looks very warm.

In front of the public, in the crowd and Huang Xiaoming baby tightly in his arms, such as baby bird nestled in Huang Xiaoming's chest, which show the love not too hard.

Zhang Lunshuo and Christy Chung's relationship, had not been optimistic about the outside world, the female male 12 years old, the age gap is large, so in the voices of doubt, they not only love as honey, also hand in hand into the marriage hall, in the life of Zhang Lunshuo, Christy Chung is very intimate, in the wedding scene, in order to prevent his wife Zhang Lunshuo emptied, this move really good warm love!

Zhang Lunshuo is not only a good husband, Christy Chung, also became a good father Christy Chung's daughters, in "Daddy where 4", Zhang Lunshuo presents a qualified father some attitude, when tired on the koala, koala do squat down to the bench.

Nicky Wu spent 16 years older than Liu Shishi 4 months, uncle and Lolita love is probably the kind of picture, see Liu Shishi sitting on the trunk was Nicky Wu pushing the screen is very spoiled, strength to prove this sentence the older man hurts people is not false.

Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen the couple fell in love for 25 years, always inseparable, two people in the same picture frame will be hand in hand, Zhang has also been widely circulated in the entertainment circle, married to now has ushered in a marriage for sixteenth years from 2001.

Even Anita Yuen is on the phone, do not forget to hand in, had married but sweet as ever, envy.

Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao sweet wedding let people see what is to marry the look of love, marriage of two people in the same box like Siamese twins like rujiaosiqi, naughty Michelle Chen hand is not enough, two hands together.

Sometimes like a child swinging arm, so sweet and natural appearance, really envy others.

Michelle Chen and Chen Xiaotong announced after the pregnancy box, I saw Chen Xiaoxian much more carefully, not to let his wife a little weight does not say, still tightly hand caught in the armpit, as if afraid of the next second will be lost!

This year's new year's party, Luo Jin squat for Tang Yan finishing shoes. The strength of a dog abuse, this is the two announced romance in front of the public, the most valuable loving show.

Tidy up Tang Yan's shoes, Tang Yan has smiled into a flower, and Luo Jin holding hands with Tang Yan sweet to step forward, and the next is the natural candy!

Feng Fei love experienced together, two people experienced in their marriage, or choose to snuggle together, love is really not right or wrong, they see the same picture frame, we can see Nicholas Tse very warm heart to Faye Wong's hand into his pocket to see a warm, always cold Faye Wong is a woman.