Angelababy seconds to delete micro-blog, leakage of tension during pregnancy, Ruby Lin produced after the woman, I guess she was born?!

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Angelababy seconds to delete micro-blog, leakage of tension during pregnancy, Ruby Lin produced after the woman, I guess she was born?!

2017-01-08 11:39:22 1086 ℃

Yesterday, there was a little angel in the world. Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin's baby was finally born, netizens are full of blessings.

Today Wallace Huo accom panying it boarded the hot search, some time ago a couple people scrambled out of the bad feelings are their own face...

Ruby Lin gave birth to the baby, is the first to send out the news from the studio Wallace Huo.

At that time we have in micro-blog under the message, the child finally crape myrtle Pearl was born, so now when the mother's crape myrtle......

It is reported that the baby is a little princess, birth weight is six pounds, 62. From the foot, the little princess is a big baby......

Na Na, see for yourself, this is not very big feet?

Ruby Lin this baby was born, entertainment friends began to send blessings. Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy also sent a blessing...

Huang Xiaoming is the most interesting, is that little playmate book. Yes, we all know that Angela Baby is born...

Get up in the middle of the toilet addiction pregnant women also timely send blessings.

In this regard, Ruby Lin is also very sensible in the blessing of Huang Xiaoming forwarded comments below, waiting for you oh......

In response to Angela Baby, it is a few expressions of love.

Netizens for pregnant women very strict supervision, said Yang Yingzhen is addicted girl, the toilet did not forget to brush micro-blog.

But to tell you the truth, Angela Baby is really fast, right? That day, micro-blog also issued a micro-blog, is the number of.

1234567, this is not a few months ah, I feel she has almost eight months? Just this micro-blog was deleted baby seconds.

Look at this micro-blog, always feel that baby seemed a bit nervous, aunt is illusion?

It is said that Huang Xiaoming will be at the end of January all the work with her in Hong Kong to be produced, well, very good very affectionate.

Angela Baby's new works recently being hit, she is always to be produced in the Internet, in order to help new advertising.

But in solitary Fang not reward, the main men on close-up button map, double frequency, aunt did not see, will not comment, you said!

A Angela Baby double about not dedicated straight to the hustle and bustle of the rumors, netizens seem to play the performance of Angela Baby does not buy it.

Angela Baby when shooting a solitary Fang not admirable uncomfortable, thought it was because of the hot weather heat stroke, then I was pregnant.

Fortunately, when filming the solitary Fang not admirable not what happened or how could this.