Ridiculous! Liyan Tong ten degrees below zero by cold water, mud, her husband in the hotel to play 3P?

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Ridiculous! Liyan Tong ten degrees below zero by cold water, mud, her husband in the hotel to play 3P?

2017-01-09 23:30:55 325 ℃

Following the Li Bingbing affair, Zhuo new year second bullets to provoke, this time the explosion is not as good as the front of a warm love, is a slag man derailed message

Well, in Zhuo's broke the news, Chen Sicheng derailed, it is said to be invited to the evening of two women to his room to open, was under the hands of Zhuo's camera caught a current.

The reason is because the night shot, the picture is not very clear, but still very clearly see the man shot is Chen Sicheng, Chen Sicheng booked a presidential suite at the hotel, the first is to open the door to meet a woman door.

More than two hours later, another woman in a white hat came to the door.

Then he was welcomed into the door.

In fact, this is just the wind broke the news, this morning, is known as Zhuo Wei apprentice, micro-blog said in a large exposure to provoke keywords now, keep people guessing.

This afternoon blockbusters hit, people really eat melons are fried for a moment...

You know Liyan Tong is desperately in money... Two days before the "real man" is not the second quarter of twelfth sets in the broadcast? My mom, look so distressed, Liyan Tong's body, it gave birth to the child not long, just thrown into the army, all know troops are very strict, what you will be in the identity, comply with the requirements and training troops.

Brother to see this issue is really hard for her breath, because this period of training, Liyan Tong to follow everyone together, in ten degrees below zero environment, was cold water through

Also rolling mud

Still standing in the cold water tank, holding a heavy weight to do squat, the expression is a little stick not to go down.

Liyan Tong this small body, complexion is not good, for the money, in the variety show is desperately distressed. There is a section of it is about to insist on not going on, around the small partners are still encouraged her to stick to it, to believe in their own strength...

It is really good to look distressed ah, now a comparison of her husband, is not that more difficult to get through?

At first she and Chen Sicheng married in Tahiti, is become the entertainment of a pair of envy, and later ya ya baby, baby home pretty miserable, estimate how many people admire Chen Sicheng beautiful wife and beautiful children do?

The exposure of love long before they married, Chen Sicheng harvest many people goddess of the heart -- Liyan Tong's heart, has always been the envy of everyone.

Because of the two "Beijing love story" soon fell in love, it was Chen Sicheng active pursuit of Liyan Tong, or Yang Mi for him to speak out Liyan Tong try to accept, only the achievements of the two people in a marriage, before long, they will become the entertainment of the licensing of marriage, the couple love well recognized.

Before the two of them together on the happy camp, but also to share their sweet moments on the show, first, He Jiong asked the sweet moments of two people

Then Liyan Tong answered with a happy face, "Chen Sicheng sings to her every night before going to bed.

Then we all wow, said it was incredible, asked, if the work is not in a city? Liyan Tong on a happy face, will call to sing.

Chen Sicheng also said that his two or three years to be able to sing the songs are almost the same, and later only to Baidu search, and then sing to Liyan Tong.

And all the people were shouting, wow, true love

There is a Liyan Tong outside overnight filming, Chen Sicheng will accompany her to stay up late, although the early morning of the second day Chen Sicheng had his own shooting task. Together they make their own self to each other, fight together, as if sleeping together, really sweet

When about the "in January of this year, Chen Sicheng" Lu Yu, said they are still sorry Liyan Tong, I couldn't take her, Liyan Tong had already entered the late pregnancy, he knows not what accident, Liyan Tong needs to take care of his company, but he has to work, so really feel guilty

But that was in the eyes of everyone so sweet a pair, who would have thought so now.

Netizens while Liyan Tong. At the same time, one can not help but to braid piece, there are "fluorescent script" precedent, so we have to guess: if this is three people get a table, play poker? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Some people Tucao said, on the "real man", this is a curse ah. Scared everybody started to worry about Du Haitao

In fact, it is the first season, Baoqiang Wang wife Song Zhe derailed, the second quarter just out of Yang Mi's husband Hawick Lau and fall into the "fluorescent script" storm, now is the husband of Liyan Tong Chen Sicheng's "3P" event... Is really not seeing friends... Editing scripts are understood within the scope of the...

Have friends broke the news that Chen Sicheng had an accident this time, Liyan Tong is in the lactation period, if it is true, it would be a chilling...

It is said that as early as the program group, Liyan Tong went home to call Chen Sicheng, I felt a bit wrong

Chen Sicheng has not yet responded to the derailment rumors, so I do not know, presidential suite is not in the hard work of Liyan Tong, the so-called 3P derailed

Can say, really hope Chen Sicheng is okay to open a suite in the middle of the night, about two beauty poker or whisk, the next storm, I am afraid it is not seeing a play...

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