Chen Sicheng was derailed derailed, muscle men can not control their lower body? Daniel Wu smiled.

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Chen Sicheng was derailed derailed, muscle men can not control their lower body? Daniel Wu smiled.

2017-01-09 23:45:06 945 ℃

This afternoon, "the Chen Sicheng presidential suite night secret meeting two female" broke the blown up circle of friends, the frightened people eat melon the first time that Liyan Tong.

First of all, Baoqiang Wang, Yang Mi, Liyan Tong, "real man" this program is really toxic ah!!! The married star must be far away!

Yesterday, when I was writing about Chiang Kai Shek's fitness, I saw the Liyan Tong interactive micro-blog. At that time, Jiang Jinfu in the "real man" program in two minutes to do 130 sit ups, Chen Sicheng challenged him to a fight, 135 Fu tsai. Jiang Jinfu also on the "good brother, waist!" Praise

Unexpectedly, Chen Sicheng the good waist, even Touxing go to the kidney, but also the night female secret meeting two. As a result, some netizens said: "you see, fitness men are hormone excess, not derailed strange?!" Some time ago, when Lin Dan was broke derailed, someone with "normal athlete Hor Munby three times, the derailment is excusable" for him. So, what is the relationship between fitness and infidelity?

Here with everyone science point: a link between human desire and endocrine physiology, such as Leydig cells secrete hormones: testosterone, commonly known as androgen, is mainly to mobilize the men's libido. Testosterone secretion is closely related to muscle volume and strength. From this point of view, the more muscular men, the more androgen secretion.

However, this does not mean to have derailed the pot back muscle, because we have smart brain, human action is mainly controlled by the brain, rather than crotch! Muscle male easily derailed? Look at the true God Daniel Wu you will understand: only love can't hold lower slag themselves

Daniel Wu not only has a spirit of beauty, a sexy muscle is also made of countless boys and girls can not help but lick the screen impulse

Was born in San Francisco in 1974, is the father of electrical engineers design of nuclear power plant, mother is a professor of psychology at university student, and Daniel Wu I also graduated from the Architecture Department of University of Oregon, was born on the absolute hard to impress

In 1997, 23 year old Daniel Wu came to Hongkong battles, accidentally entered the entertainment circle, accidentally through the red sky. On the fame, do not know how many brother Joe seckill male star

With such a proud background and qualifications, they are still a good man and a good man. From 2002 to get married in 2010, Daniel Wu chased Lisa 8 years. After marriage, the wife Daniel Wu is a slave, in addition to work to support the family, is to accompany play

Eleven, but also seriouslyBuy a horse for his wife

When his wife was pregnant, Lisa directly announced the suspension of a year of work, at home to take care of his wife

After the birth of her daughter, not only to be responsible for the big, but also to take care of small

In Daniel Wu's eyes, only the wife and daughter

In uncomplainingly contracted all the housework at the same time, handsome daddy Daniel Wu did not give up self management

Go to the gym at least two or three times a week

Such a face value, such a muscle, who dares to say that Daniel Wu's hormones are not enough?

But,The real man,Not only manage their upper body,More able to control their lower body

On Facebook, Daniel Wu's introduction to her first husband, father, followed by the producer, director

A simple introduction to the outside world to convey a man's sense of responsibility and play

Director Lu Chuan recalled the film in the "King's feast," said:

Several times we went out drinking and singing

Every time Daniel Wu almost at all

He is very conscious of keeping distance with women"It's too respectable."