Deng Chao Sha Yi Wang Yuelun rain umbrella all bias wife, Yang Mi had to own an umbrella

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Deng Chao Sha Yi Wang Yuelun rain umbrella all bias wife, Yang Mi had to own an umbrella

2017-01-11 00:40:40 433 ℃

Sometimes a person love not love each other, see light from some small details can, the original users compared "Shanghai" in the two version, Xu Wenqiang and Huang Xiaoming get an umbrella umbrella Xu Wenqiang way.

You see Xu Wenqiang Feng Chengcheng to get an umbrella, umbrella in almost all Angie Chiu there, completely blocked the rain to help Angie Chiu.

The Huang Xiaoming version of it, ha ha, simply give umbrella in his right hand, don't say to help Sun Li snow and rain, may have the edge of the umbrella isn't Sun Li.

Ha-ha。 In this way, Wen Qiang brother how do you mean to say: Cheng Cheng, I really like you.

And such a small detail, can be seen in the film, life can also be.

You see, Wang Yuelun and Li Xiang together on the show, when it rains, Wang Yuelun gave Li Xiang an umbrella, this point may not be able to see who is more toward the umbrella.

But you can see clearly, Wang Yuelun hand umbrella, a hand hold Li Xiang, lest she was caught in the rain.

From this point of view, almost half of Wang Yuelun's body is outside.

I'll pack back, my umbrella to play, as long as you don't shower.

Some people say that Wang Yuelun is henpecked, Li Xiangtai strong, but this love your husband, who do not want?

And Wang Yuelun also often go out to play together, many times to see their news is in the airport travel.

No matter how many users Tucao them a happy fat excessive, as long as their own happiness is not good!

And has been loving the show has never stopped the empress Sun Li and Deng Chao travel together, you see, Deng Chao has been behind Sun Li to give her an umbrella. But this umbrella, Deng Chao here almost all hit!

From walking to the car, to open the door on the train, Deng Chao in the hands of the umbrella has covered the top of Sun Li's head, and half of his body all the rain. So, if you love goddess, Deng Chao is a good man, hold on.

Although Sha Yi and Hu He usually do not show affection, but they know the history of love words, You'll see. Sha Yi Hu can be really very love.

In the program, when the rain umbrella, Sha Yi will not consciously put an umbrella to Hu He direction, it is not deliberately take care of her, but it will not consciously leaned toward her.

With a program of Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen is more casual, two people married for many years, already is an old married couple, compared to this, their unique hand way is widely spread food ah.

It is an old married couple, will this hand ah, ha ha, really envy.

Huang Xiaoming distressed wife baby we all know, the two men together, in fact Huang Xiaoming is taking care of baby, baby were hand fed dinner photographed.

Tong Dawei and Guan Yue, the couple is married for many years, low-key love is not a pair of demon.

Two people get along with private also partial old couple more, after all are met and married for decades.

Lu Yi gave her an umbrella, ha ha, this is a bit funny. Belle was smiling at the camera, Lu Yi is busy with the road, the umbrella is biased Belle, but Belle is not in the umbrella inside.

Hawick Lau and Yang Mi Yang Mi, an umbrella to hide the sun, no wonder so white, have an umbrella at the pool.

Jia Nailiang Li Xiaolu is an umbrella, indeed the nerve is the father, but Li Xiaolu half body in the sun.

So many couples, the most bad umbrella is estimated that Wong Cho Lam's wife and the height is too far, a umbrella may have to jump up. Ha-ha。