The | 4 years change around 5 women said Chen Ou for their endorsement is a lie!

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The | 4 years change around 5 women said Chen Ou for their endorsement is a lie!

2017-01-11 00:42:51 382 ℃

Dream is doomed lonely travel

No doubt on the road and ridicule

But what about that

Even covered all over with cuts and bruises

Also want to live beautiful

This is Chen Ou.

I represent myself.


For a while.

Every street and lane

Everyone's mouth

Meet the first sentence

Is my own endorsement!

(can't help singing out the series)

When the world is looking for celebrity endorsements

Chen Ou stood out

He speaks for himself!

Because of his simple and direct advertising

"I'm Chen Europe"

"I speak for myself"


These words are deep in our minds


Mention Chen Ou

Except and founder of CEOIdentity

We have to look at his resume newbier rumbling!

At the age of 16Study in Singapore Nanyang Technology University

At the age of 26MBA degree from Stanford University

At the age of 27The creation of

At the age of 29Ron den Forbes entrepreneurs list

At the age of 30Won the "fortune" magazine Chinese 40 business leaders under 40


At the age of 32To 1 billion 100 million U.S. dollars in Asia's top ten young and rich in the name of the sixth


China's electricity business as a dark horse

Chen Ou led only three years

To complete the monthly sales from100 thousand to 600 million yuanBreakthrough

And promotion with Tmall, Amazon and other Jingdong, par B2C electricity supplier in the first camp

Firmly occupyChina Beauty Class electricity supplier first stopPilot status

It's really my father!

Chen Ou micro-blog has a36 millionFan!


Chen Europe as the most handsome entrepreneurs

The most handsome guy in the enterprise

In this era of looking at the face

The about 30000000 fans were fascinated by his appearance?!


See the above photos after

Small day want to say

Speak for yourself?

All false! It's all a lie!

Small day like a topic

I am # Chen ou I speak # for leather

Chen leather is love ah!

Every time to attend the activities are wearing leather

So everyone is fascinated in his fur?

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Are all by hisHao without humanityTo conquer!

As a big enterprise boss!

A word is not on the welfare!

November 10th to give you a car


November 11th to give you a car


This is a day to send a car rhythm ah!

Feed feed

Chen ah

People do not know that you are the drive!

For his fans so heroic!

Nicknamed "welfare brother" Chen

The US "every day"

Naturally, it also brings benefits to the audience!

So the general decisionSend a car!

Broadcast on Friday night

Just watch our show

There is a chance to get a luxury car!

Real car! Real car!

All units please note! Please note that!

This is not a drill! Not in the exercise!


Not only love to send benefits!

Also Hin love our mango!

Large and small programs inside the stage

Chen ou have been on the!

From "happy camp", "first grade" to "full acceleration"


Of course we "every day"


This is the car

Do not know what is the last?

Missed the last big show friend Chen

Is not the feeling of missing a few hundred ah!


The last time I came was in 2013

Side isBeauty surround


This time is different.

Just 4 years!

Completely replaced by the other 5 women!


Chen Ou side of these several values of the beauty of the explosion table

Actually all isSecretary Chen ou!


After we heard it all shocked ah!


Have a sweet type of secretary


A domineering side leakage type Secretary


A secretary with a sense of grace


A lively and lovely Secretary


There are diversified type of secretary


This big business big boss is not the same ah

There are so many secretaries!

And every one is different

Chen seems to have a very wide range of taste


The five beautiful secretary

Surrounded by Chen around the day

Chen total can still feel at ease?!

Chen ou and his five Secretaries

Feel the brain can complement a bully president text


And through their self introduction

Feel the relationship between each and Chen ou are not simple ah!

"Chen's secret, I know"

"I'm a little fan"



Looks like it's going to work!

They do not know will not have Chen aniseed burst?!

In order to participate in the "Daily" annual meeting

Not only brought their own beauty Secretary

And brought a secret weaponHelloGirls


Although Chen around beautiful clouds

But always can not ignore the side of him!

Chen always came to power when he was silent for him


The general secretary Chen was surrounded by standing on the side of his consciousness


Chen always secretly applauded him when he spoke


Chen and the other women were photographed to defend him


Finally, he can sit down to the side of his father


Who is this man?

And Chen Ou between what ineffable story!

Ten "this Friday evening every day"

Overbearing President Chen ou and his woman men!

Will give "every day" will bring what kind of surprise?!