Open tear? Li Xiangbao never goes back to Sheenah WeChat himself

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Open tear? Li Xiangbao never goes back to Sheenah WeChat himself

2017-01-11 12:15:35 340 ℃

Text / Sina column deep water entertainment eight film and television circles

Tucao is a craft, smile to need courage ", remember in July last year, the first set of" Tucao Congress "on the line, can be described as a" show off the debris flow ", people at most open cars, but they show on the train, a whole set.

But it is also because the scale problem, Tucao conference had to stand, after six months of adjustment, in January 8th ushered in the line.

However, the netizens are really looking forward to the little Huang Wen did not, but was friends Tucao too serious, and hope to seal.

However, have to say this program on the topic was successful, this episode Li Xiang as "weight" guests, responded positively to a sister Sheenah and her struggle, but also incidentally mentioning He Jiong and Wang Han's brother battle.

She had a good relationship with Sheenah at first, but Sheenah's WeChat never returned, and then paused, and added that it was a joke. But I do not know whether it is intentional or unintentional, many reports have turned out to be Li Xiang never returned to WeChat Sheenah.

So many users know the truth of Li Xiang education began to behave, but the two parties are playing awfully.

So eat melon people this time is all set up, right? The team can be laughing.

Nevertheless, the printing on Li Xiang and Sheenah's "sister" for rumors, so many years never stop, one of them is the Kebanchushen, one is left.

Li Xiang attended the Communication University of China, during the school internship in CCTV, Beijing TV, returned to Hunan after graduating in Taiwan presided over the "evening news", "lights", presided over large-scale literary party to welcome the return of Hongkong in 1997.

A chance, not to find the right through auditions hosted "happy camp" for Li Xiang on duty, the top is 8 years. Li Xiang and also by virtue of the "happy camp" (1997-2004), became a handful of CCTV is not popular in the country but the background of the host.

In contrast, Sheenah's resume, starting with a host can not beat the eight pole. Graduated from the Sichuan Film Academy in Sheenah, MV starred in the TV drama, best known for his role as "young Fang Shiyu" little girl mary.

From a run up she also did not expect 99 years aboard the "happy camp", with the show again.

(for the first time in 99 years, Sheenah was on the fast)

Because at that time the happy camp needs a female chair, plus He Jiong's recommendation, in 2002, the second time on the board of the "fast", as the hostess of the game, began the hosting of the 5 months of career.

(02 years with the stage name "leaves" began hosting)

It was not until 2005 that he was in the stage of "Ben Ben" as a moderator.

Because of Hunan satellite TV, because the "fast Ben", so that the relationship between Li Xiang and Sheenah becomes subtle. ,

About Li Xiang leaving as soon as this, she said is "personal development, seeking transformation", after the departure of Li Xiang to the Beijing station in the cause, "show" search city "weekly entertainment" ratings are not good, love experience and diamond Li Houlin flash marriage to divorce.

(1 months of high-profile flash marriage)

But unyielding Li Xiang started a producer, 08 years to "nine Shiquan the United States" product identity back to the "fast" Li Xiang, until finally being "summoned" appearance.

Although Sheenah came to power and breaking force not hug, but Li Xiang in the four minute conversation with Sheenah almost zero, Sheenah the whole handbag not inserted into the microphone to smile, then Sheenah suddenly behaved consistently hip-hop.

The next 11 years as a accidentally fall in love with you, the producer, Li Xiang can only sit in the audience to do a heavyweight guests, quietly eat melon, occupy the favorable terrain to watch the whole program recording.

Even when Li Xiang presided over the show, fans want to rush to the background to fight Sheenah.

A sister of the dispute in the hearsay, in a time of year on the chair in the climax.

Two people have also become a staple of each new year party, Li Xiang made a name for a Sheenah style chair, not enough air, two people with suspected rob words......

Some media statistics of the two 08 year new year's concert in the "situation", said whether the field control ability, strain capacity or the appearance matches, Li Xiang is the "sister" Sheenah only "foil".

To 2010-2011 the New Year Concert, Sheenah still only pursed his lips, Li Xiang was constantly take the rhythm, from time to time to a "good, well, we look at the" echo.

A year later, two people once again on stage, that year's new year's concert, the media raised the discussion of Hunan Taiwan palace hostess topics frenzy.

Even some netizens Bachu disdain for Sheenah Li Xiang in the eyes, while Sheenah Li Xiang speaks is expressive dance.

After that, 13, 14, 15, the year of the year of the concert is happy family and brother co chair, no more Li Xiang. Perhaps it is not hope that every couple of years to have a sister dispute rumors.

Between Li Xiang and Sheenah, a man can be said to be "hamburger" like existence, you must have thought of He Jiong. As we all know, He Jiong and Li Xiang, as well as the feelings of the good of both of the Sheenah.

He Jiong and Li Xiang feelings is "fast" this period established, it is He Jiong who is as a "top class", who presided over the 8 months rush to leave the sea. The name is Li Xiang what the teacher called out, because it was He Jiong's main business is still a teacher, chair is just a sideline.

The first impression of He Jiong in Li Xiang's eyes is thin very carefully, and with the tacit understanding of two people was also suspected of lovers.

But in the eyes of He Jiong, Li Xiang is also very important women in his life will be in the new year's concert a year, He Jiong and Li Xiang chorus of "courage", on Li Xiang's words touched a lot of people have.

And when Li Xiang had a daughter Wang Shi, He Jiong also "Aiwujiwu" in love with angel. In the He Jiong movie "Gardenia open" MV, Wang Shi is friendship. Youth from the beginning of the company with Li Xiang, accompanied by the growth of wang.

The friendship between Sheenah and He Jiong is also often publicized by the media. Sheenah has just entered the host will not see from it, He Jiong help to draw the focus, Sheenah He Jiong broke up with her out of the sad period, and Sheenah married He Jiong choked several times "her happiness, is my greatest happiness", they say there is a friendship that He Jiong Sheenah.

In a period of "Na said so," He Jiong said to Sheenah, "I just know you".

As for Sheenah, He Jiong's importance should not be a bit less than Zhang Jie, thanks to the support of He Jiong presided over her career, every time there is He Jiong, Sheenah can always infinite "two" down, he can help her round back.

A fast recording, Sheenah said before his debut hosting style popular on TV every time I see a very contrived, feel do not host their own life, more is to imitate the style she calls is so affected. Friends and fans have speculated that Sheenah is at once and she came with innuendo Li Xiang.

Subsequently, He Jiong and Sheenah were immediately Vega things, He Jiong is desperate for Sheenah wink, Sheenah this response came.

No wonder there are friends who said that the teacher is Sheenah and Li Xiang reconcile agent, now say what a sister of the dispute is false, do you believe it or not? Li Xiang