Yesterday evening was traced to seven people today derailed list two women, see the light, big Chen Sicheng!

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Yesterday evening was traced to seven people today derailed list two women, see the light, big Chen Sicheng!

2017-01-11 12:17:09 669 ℃

Yesterday, Zhuo Wei's apprentice, micro-blog "paparazzi king" broke the news, the actor Chen Sicheng derailed irrefutable evidence! After the paparazzi Chen Sicheng playing at KTV in a circle, the car back to the hotel, but a woman wearing a White Mink but followed in Chen Sicheng's car.

Originally thought that Chen Sicheng sent her home, but did not expect ah! She followed Chen Sicheng into the hotel before and after.

In 00:49, the paparazzi found Chen Sicheng's hotel room door is a beauty at.

A woman came to the door at midnight after the paparazzi identification, who is also to wear the White Mink girl in the hotel, but a change clothes.

After a few minutes of waiting, Chen Sicheng finally opened the door, the girl immediately into the room.

At the moment, please note that Chen Sicheng has changed from the first black T to the White Robe

This is not the first time Chen Sicheng was derailed. In 2014, Chen Sicheng was found with a young girl inside dating for 6 hours. At that time, Chen Sicheng and the young girl in the upscale restaurant dining together for four hours, after two people went to Chen Sicheng before a Premium Apartment House. Two people together in the apartment for nearly two hours.

But after Nie Yuan is also an actor in micro-blog directly @ Chen Sicheng, to be honest! Although the word and Chen Sicheng Cheng Cheng is different, but many people have said that the curse is Nie Yuan, Chen Sicheng.

It is reported that Nie Yuan's wife and Liyan Tong are classmates, so many people think that maybe a couple of friends for dabaobuping.

Nie Yuan later made a micro-blog that he really is and Chen Sicheng lost his temper, but not for the derailment, everything is a coincidence, and his things and the private settlement of the Chen Sicheng.

Although the matter came to an end, but Chen Sicheng about this thing is not finished. Last year, the whole star in the process of exploring the live, and suspected of Chen Sicheng in his wife during pregnancy derailed.

When the broadcast staff broke the news that a pregnant wife, her husband brother actor derailed in the wedding, the wedding is derailed on staff, two people went to the hotel to open the room.

Three hints are given:

A husband, who is the northeast.

Two, the wife is 80 flowers.

Three, his own boss, his own company.

A lot of people guess is also Chen Sicheng.

The hotel will be two young women after exposure, Chen Sicheng derailed "old" be dug up, after the summary of his suspected derailment object number as high as seven people!

One: Zhang Xuan

In 2014, Chen Sicheng and Yaya married less than half a year, he traced the paparazzi photographed with a mysterious female night back to the apartment for 6 hours.

The girl was also named Zhang Xuan, is user Skinner: Nortel and Yang Mi classmate actor.

After the news was exploded, Zhang Xuan's circle of friends was PO to the Internet, Chen Sicheng suspected the same day to her birthday -

Although the picture is truth, but the couple staged a drama of concentric harmony:

First Chen Sicheng rumor said "16 days for the drama night I dub, birthday things, in order to clarify is groundless statement" and "secret" women's hair circle of friends a most happy birthday, thank you for coming in no relation. Liyan Tong is a special voice behind her husband, Yu Fu said he has merit, help people to chop hands "

No. two: Li Chun

Li Chun is the same as the same time broke the news, then out of the picture is this -

It is also in hand - slapstick

The Li Chun, in the circle is still famous, has played in the hit series "neon sky" in the flower thousands of bones.

Three: mysterious woman I

The mysterious woman on the Internet has not been grilled what, but there is a bed photo, but also in the above storm after the storm out of the -

About a year after the storm in the past, Chen Sicheng has been dating Wang Tianchu revealed friends of Shenyang young model.

At that time, users broke the news of Chen Sicheng in August 2015 when the woman had a birthday -

Two people suspected of dialogue was also exposed -

In 2015 Chen Sicheng filming in Bangkok, the woman with her mother came to Bangkok, two people while filming gap in the same hotel secret, and confidential work done is hidden, users also drying out two photos:

Even more wonderful is that the friends broke the young model everyone still account in the establishment of a "Crazy" album, crazy Chen Sicheng is in "Beijing love story" in the name, which is all about Chen Sicheng's picture

Micro-blog has been the young model named Gillian Wang Tianchu, a recent photo and watermarking

But after just yesterday on the Chen Sicheng hot search, her name changed to VIOLALOVELIFE, what is the reason?

Five: mysterious womanII

This is yesterday broke the news more than two in the morning of the Chen Sicheng suite woman -

Because there is no positive, the Internet has not been able to pull out the woman's information, so that was ridicule: it is a three people, you do not have a name.

No. six: Qi Qi

This one I believe we all know, micro-blog called small neat world, called Qi Qi, yesterday is a day of friends brush.

She will also play a role in Zhao Liying's new movie, "the daughter country".

A look at the red net made is typical of the peripheral models: before the daily work is taking photos -- what

Also participated in a blind date program, according to friends broke the news that she and one of the male guests hand in hand -

Ironically, she had sworn in micro-blog: do not do the third!

But at the same time, it is also considered normal for men to cheat

No. six: Ye Zixi

All star of today and broke the news: after Chen Sicheng and two female self released in Shanghai, returning to Beijing is not idle, and in the hotel about a young woman:

And it was 2:30 in the evening, he was armed out of the hotel

In the groom's home shortly after the women appeared, two people have to leave the car, it is the same drama after the previous one:

It is reported that the woman named Ye Zixi.

In the "Chinatown" as a corner of Chris holmes.

The national Scout also exposed a large-scale dialogue -- she and Chen Sicheng

Chen Sicheng derailed after breaking the news, we are most concerned about is the next choice of Liyan Tong. The reporter then contacted a close relative of Liyan Tong, to understand some of the situation -

Q: what is Liyan Tong's attitude now?

A: I am also someone to call me to know, and our family is now no public statement on this matter, still verify. Ya ya now do not want to say this thing.

Q: do you believe in Chen Sicheng and the two girls?

A: the picture is not clear, and there is no intimacy, not to say.

Q: what if the photo is true?

A: still want to see ya ya attitude. We hope the elders is home and everything, the child is still small, nice, sincere to Yaya is good.

Q: it is said that Chen Sicheng is very playboy, how do you look at the family?

A: the young man has a young man's life, but married not mess, have a sense of responsibility, to convergence, otherwise marriage isn't good. Wish you the media not to break up families, to speak. All right, thank you.

As the next of kin is unwilling to participate in a court dispute, the reporter asked not to disclose his identity.

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