Gigi Lai in order to marry his brother in a car accident disabled rich, and now to change the name of the man! Really not worth

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Gigi Lai in order to marry his brother in a car accident disabled rich, and now to change the name of the man! Really not worth

2017-01-11 12:17:46 4206 ℃

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Gigi Lai has not appeared for a long time finally appeared, however, Gigi Lai has not called for a man, even the names are changed to the! The reason to say, but also to have a snack plug.45 year old Gigi Lai charm still, compared to the past, more of a mature beauty, but, the face of the total revealed a touch of sorrow sang, is that she had a very brilliant interpretation of the stage?

The beauty of Gigi Lai cannot be described in words! Cecilia Cheung said: "in this world, I only admit that Gigi Lai is more beautiful than me". Michele Lee said: "I want to hide in your light".Gigi Lai married businessman Ma Tingqiang in 2010 after exit before the tent of meeting, concentrate on the development of car accident injured brother left medical beauty business, the company officially listed on the day before.Gigi Lai announced that in addition to listed companies, there is an important thing, announced renamed "Ma and Lijia".

Gigi Lai was officially renamed the "Lijia horse", which sounds strange. It is reported that Gigi Lai was another meaning. In the early to marry Ma Tingqiang next year, came to her and renamed Jia Li, we can successfully add son". The purpose of the change in order to give birth to a son, a lucky? The married is pretty sad, to the son, even the name was changed.

But Gigi Lai denied, she explained: "this is a marriage with a name is the meaning of jade". The home of jade, very valuable and auspicious meaning. Anyway, it sounds strange, in the public mind, you always called Gigi Lai.Gigi Lai and his brother, Li Ying, paraplegic

Gigi Lai's brother was also a healthy handsome guy, Cecilia Cheung married Nicholas Tse traced by love, stimulation of driving accident paraplegia.Li Ying (right two) injured before the tall and handsome, Yan value more than Nicholas Tse, but if Cecilia Cheung learned, when the primary is Li baby...... that this is good, now a man with two sons, and Nicholas Tse was in love with Faye Wong.

Because the impulse confused Lebanon infant victims of their own life, also hurt Gigi Lai, Gigi Lai to take care of paraplegia Li Ying out of film, in order to thank Ma Tingqiang for his brother to take care of me, marry the disabled Ma Tingqiang.

Gigi Lai said he was willing to sacrifice his career, in order to take care of his brother wronged himself to marry a disabled person is good, really a good sister.

But there are also netizens think: do not feel touching, but that Gigi Lai is very sad, like a self sacrificing to complete the old moral practice. Of course, if she is really happy.Now, in order to give birth to this man, Gigi Lai, even the name has changed, think of the heart plug.

Gigi Lai willing to marry disabled rich Ma Tingqiang. Because of his brother's car accident, Ma Tingqiang's brother's care moved Gigi Lai.

It is reported that Ma Tingqiang in the fastest time to contact the baby in a very good hospital abroad. Trying to get Gigi Lai's brother in the past. But Gigi Lai's brother was seriously injured. Can not be transferred. Ma Tingqiang is not convenient to go to the hospital every day to see Gigi Lai's brother. Take care of her younger brother. Very let Gigi Lai moved. Two people in love, Gigi Lai would like to marry Ma Tingqiang.Gigi Lai attended the TV drama "Zhuguangbaoqi" announced tuichuyuyuequan

In 2007, Gigi Lai in the film "Zhuguangbaoqi", his brother suffered a serious traffic accident. In order to take care of his brother, Gigi Lai announced tears from the entertainment circle.No Gigi Lai after Zhao Min!

As the father of Hongkong cinema the great granddaughter, Gigi Lai starred in "young" series of films, as well as the "golden beauty" and other TV series. Many other classic roles, but the audience love "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" Gigi Lai version of Zhao Min, so far no one can transcend the role.

Jin Yong has said that Gigi Lai has played the role of Zhao Min, said that the classic is because he did not read the version of the bar of the bar in the past, it is said that the role of the original version of the classic version of the work, said that the classic version of the classic version of the Alyssa Chia. Gigi Lai performed Zhao Min's brave and hard, love, eyes are the play. Now, can only become a memory, Gigi Lai has been renamed "Ma and Lijia".

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