Recall father Liyan Tong to Chen Sicheng's exhortations, suddenly tears!

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Recall father Liyan Tong to Chen Sicheng's exhortations, suddenly tears!

2017-01-11 12:20:01 731 ℃

Text / entertainment inspector

Chen Sicheng was derailed, relates to the object has reached a total of 6 people, can be composed of a volleyball team?

The first is a reporter photographed Chen Sicheng at night for two young woman opened the door, three people a night in a hotel room. After the news came out, immediately caused a great disturbance. Overnight, Chen Sicheng many years ago suspicious activity was also turned upside down.

As early as 2014, there was the news that Chen Sicheng derailed the classmate of Zhang Xuan, the president of the Republic of China, said that in the year of. In this regard, Zhang Xuan said that at the time and just talk about the work of Chen Sicheng, the real situation is not reported as written. Even Liyan Tong micro-blog hair for her husband to clarify.

The well-known bloggers broke off eight "derailment occurred in 2015: August two at the Hotel De Bangkok one night, Chen Sicheng also gave the Shenyang girls very expensive bracelet and package.

In December 16, "All Star" on the dirt, a female star during pregnancy derailed her husband staff at Huang Xiaoming's wedding. Although there is no point out specific names, but the husband is the northeast person, his own company, wife is 80 flower "the key that has clearly put the blame on Chen Sicheng.

Second days in the "Chen Sicheng night" the two women after exposure, derailed in a red net, the woman is in the "Chinatown" of Sherlock Ye Zixi. Outflow of large scale chat records really can not bear to look directly at.

The reason why a lot of people Chen Sicheng impression is not good, long ago that he was helping them, the reason lies in this. Have discovered? From 2014 to the beginning of the marriage to the present in 2017, every year there are derailed news wrapped around Chen Sicheng, not interrupted. Two times can be said to be a coincidence misunderstanding, the three time the four can easily deny the past?

Uppercase bold to Liyan Tong!

When Liyan Tong and I learned that together, everyone in the hearts of the ten thousand do not want to go to the. After all, two personal style difference is too big, like a flower in the wrong plug position.

Random search a few photos of Chen Sicheng, feel what is called fashion insulator. "Black soil oil" three words is to find the most appropriate adjective!

But Liyan Tong, in the costume drama appearance beautiful, it is the legendary "woman's light and heavy make-up as". "The mother instrument" in Zhao Feiyan, "the dream of the Tang Dynasty" Tao Zhu, "Palace" in the Tong said, "scatterbrain A-Mei" in Xingtai such as memory, each character can make people heartache.

Remember the TV drama "Beijing love story" in the pure, gentle Bing Shen? So many men's dreams are not the same.

No wonder Chen Sicheng in the filming of "North love" and the role of the play "Cheng Feng" crazy pursuit of the same as Liyan Tong.

But Liyan Tong did not intend to find a circle of her boyfriend, but also afraid of love is the role of the play rather than the life of their own, so the feelings are always hesitant to the Chen Sicheng.

At this time the matchmaker power power debut, advised Liyan Tong to say "if he was not reliable if you reliable, perhaps he will reliable. How do you know if you don't try?" After Yang Mi ear wind blowing constantly, gradually eliminate the concerns of Chen Sicheng, promised to start contacts with the beginning of the Liyan Tong.

2012 in March, Chen Sicheng and Liyan Tong boarded the "Ben", in the program officially open affair. At first, the happy family continue to ridicule the relationship between the two people, talk about some ambiguous topic.

To each other's advertising links, Liyan Tong directly to the sentence: I hope you bless us, he turned and hugged Chen Sicheng has not yet responded.

This sudden confession should not advance preparation, their relationship is so cubujifang exposure.

After two years, and on a "fast Ben". He Jiong, Sheenah et al in the field as they go through a Chinese wedding, also invited the father, great sense of surprise.

Heard his father also came to the scene, Liyan Tong deep feelings, instant tears ran.

In Al Gao, Chen Sicheng's father told the two young people: "you see this scene, very excited, but also very moved".

And said to Liyan Tong: "I will treat you as your daughter, I will bless you, bless you in the future career more brilliant, more happy life".

Father Liyan Tong Tong after specially flew from Xinjiang to Changsha recorded programs, when her daughter crying into tears, he silently bowed his head, do not want to let the audience see their eyes flashing tears.

He was speaking, he was choked to Chen Sicheng said: "I hope the Yaya is a pearl in the palm, you treat my daughter, wish you happiness."

Then the merchant said: "today is my daughter (you) to the old Chen family, Chen family hope to do some more work later, Lao Chen to do the cooking, after the old care of him. Take the time to return home to see us".

Now recall father Liyan Tong to Chen Sicheng's exhortations, suddenly tears! My father will be the most beloved daughter to the groom, is in the delivery of trust life, life responsibility, life happiness. My father is no longer the only daughter to rely on, but silently watching backstage. How much do I have to be good to my daughter?......

Liyan Tong's parents are music teachers, her age by art, primary school began practicing dance.

Learning art requires a very high cost, and Liyan Tong's parents are meager income, in order to dream of her daughter had to work hard. It can be said that the whole family to pay a lot. Sensible Ya Ya can't bear to see their parents so hard, at the age of 13 is out of work to support their family, but at the same time four jobs.

When the college entrance examination, Liyan Tong admitted to the line above more than and 100 points on the test results in the play. Showbiz career, can have their own one day in the absence of any resources, background, all is to spell out a play of a movie.

Tong Jisheng only Yaya a child, for him, his daughter is most proud of this life. On his micro-blog, almost half of the dynamic is related to his daughter.

Concerned about her image as a spokesperson for the home, boarded the CCTV Lantern Festival Gala, selected film and television industry representatives, every step of progress, the father than anyone else excited.

Now Ya Ya been wronged, surely no one would feel worse than Tong Ji sheng. From the "fast" Tong Ji Sheng told ya ya filial father, take good care of your husband can see that their home is a very traditional family, so the daughter did not forget to remind her to be virtuous.

Black rim of the eye, white hair, gaunt Su Yan, which is sufficient to explain Liyan Tong married to the family after the little worry about the little Chen Sicheng. Ya ya did not let him down.

On the contrary, Chen Sicheng really remember Dad Tong exhortations to treat ya ya?

Echoes of the rainbow, Yaya grew up and became a big star, but in the old dad tong.

All the way to cultivate talent, bear bitter hardships, to marry abroad, every daughter is the father of a pearl in the palm ah, please his wife a little better, a little better.

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