Not only Chen Sicheng, but also Liyan Tong! Five exclusive new materials

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Not only Chen Sicheng, but also Liyan Tong! Five exclusive new materials

2017-01-12 00:37:21 388 ℃

Recently, the two day the whole world in the explosion of Chen Sicheng, but Chen Sicheng is the only thing?

Liyan Tong is also an entertainment circle, so you believe that she did not have anything?

Of course not!

Brother tonight to understand the explosion burst Liyan Tong, fiveSoleNew material!


This is the latest thing!

Liyan Tong this micro-blog everyone can see

She could still remember a very touched by her fans 08 years Lu Yu, she is also active in the program mentioned in the.

But did you see Liyan Tong's comment on micro-blog?

Ya Ya more than remember a fan, each from when she was three line actors began to love her fans, she should remember.


It was two months ago:

Liyan Tong is very good for the crew of the most ordinary workers;

No red actor when she Poser in the dressing room, just silently out of ya ya;

On the plane, Liyan Tong in order not to affect the rear passenger dining, sleeping on the whole process of lying on the arm, the stewardess to sign, she not only signed the initiative also left a blessing;

When watching the concert Liyan Tong as a star, let others step on their stools, but also help hold.


This is what happened last September:

Or on the plane, Liyan Tong not only do not have to take care of the assistant, but also to help passers-by take the luggage on the plane, all the way to help people with children. She is very good to the strange children, will always pay attention to the child's eyes not to be hurt by the glare of the sun.


Liyan Tong is also enthusiastic about public welfare.

A large star charity auction donations, a bunch of stars are donated autographed photos, donated pillow...... When the donation of Hetian jade ya ya.

No matter what the entertainment are, there will still be a clean star, Liyan Tong, is really one of the clean.

No matter how she chose to understand the brother wish her happiness.

Agree with the point of praise it ~!

Who would like to know the material, please let me know through the comments, understand the elder brother will live up to everyone's expectations.

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