Read this period "happy camp", found that Chen Sicheng really do not like Liyan Tong

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Read this period "happy camp", found that Chen Sicheng really do not like Liyan Tong

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Chen Sicheng derailed this thing a few days, Liyan Tong is stunned speechless. They had a review of the "happy camp" picture, found that when they were together when they do not eat melon is also a good reason for the masses.

The whole saw Yaya to Chen Sicheng full of love, but did not feel the sincerity of Chen Sicheng, is full of perfunctory......

2012, Liyan Tong and Chen Sicheng also came to power, in order to give the Beijing love story to do publicity, the two have not been officially announced together, the lover is not full state.

He Jiong asked Chen Sicheng, Yaya done what touched you do, then Chen Sicheng tells a story to slag slag......

EXM? Couples together by plane, should not be the boys out of the shoulder to let girls rely on it? The results of Chen Sicheng directly to the Ya Ya when the human flesh cushion, also sleep 6 hours, Yaya motionless.
He Jiong and Li Weijia are giving a word to Chen Sicheng, "if not a girl like this person, it is impossible to endure six hours motionless." The implication is that the boys should come out is a dignified and imposing confession, Yaya is shy smile, but Chen Sicheng goose, expressionless
The host is still trying to bring together two people, inciting Chen Sicheng confession. He Jiong said let Chen Sicheng give ya ya say something good, Chen Sicheng doesn't seem to be willing to cooperate, facial expressions like inner drama, called a rich ah

He Jiong said, when you sleep 6 hours a little more like you never said! No way, Chen Sicheng only hard.

The results of expression, with his eyes did not even Yaya, 6 words in 3 sentences that are his drama, but ya ya smile sweet, love and love are written in their eyes.
The English teacher came to the point, I'm glad to meet you We are all right? This is the confession of the discourse? When you were Li Lei and Han Meimei practicing mother tongue!
Hear here, even Han Hong want to hit!
Finally Xinjiang girl upright, Liyan Tong directly say, I hope you bless us, now Chen Sicheng's face is stiff, no smile
Liyan Tong discloses, happy family are crying, what the teacher also cried several piece of toilet paper, but the Chen Sicheng hands folded in a defensive posture in the chest, this is psychology that suggests a self protection and a sense of exclusion
Cried Liyan Tong, "I told him in a very happy very happy together, and Chen Sicheng even holding hands no consolation, but single hand pockets to posing. Re lines have to look at each other eyes, Chen Sicheng watched the audience read words when he read poetry.

Later to Yaya happy camp, talking with Chen Sicheng's love is crying badly, stood beside her Chen Sicheng is no consolation, turn to embrace what the teacher, the teacher what???

The program group for two people made a summary of the VCR 3 years of love, ya ya see tears, but Chen Sicheng has turned to her, always Chuaizhe hands stand up collar lunch?

Later, the two married, Chen Sicheng in an interview when he said too much, young people can not wait to get tired of a person in bed every day, the age is not a passion...... I have seen even the subtitles group of Liyan Tong Chen Sicheng said at this

"Lolita" said, there are three things that cannot be concealed, coughing, poverty and love; but the more you want to hide. Love a person's eyes, really can not disguise. The film "He 's Not That Into You" also said that if a man on the surface you do not care about how, he really does not care about you. Without exception.

Also on the show, Kenneth Fok's love for Guo Jingjing is obvious to all

I hope to see ya ya ah, leave a not so love you, is his loss. (like at this person)

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