Out of the haze of the divorce He Jie put her hair back to black, my God, laugh!

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Out of the haze of the divorce He Jie put her hair back to black, my God, laugh!

2017-01-12 00:37:55 193 ℃

Feeling that He Jie is really out of the haze from the divorce, and recently attended the event did not laugh too happy, as if the sun was bright and she came back.

Yesterday He Jie was photographed at the airport, look very good, the most surprising is that she had her hair dyed back and black ah, said a glance, how many dazzling than before.

It looked really beautiful a lot ah, especially when he laughs, the feeling is really thin black ah, and black hair and black tide sweater, youthful and lively breath came out immediately.

Feel her face contour in black background is particularly sharp chin protruding,

Although looking at the front, in fact, there is no extra thin how much ha ha ha, but have to say, He Jie so far, it is the best look black hair.

People familiar with her know she loves Daoteng hair, today a color is a color of the day after tomorrow
In a word, I can't wait for the top of a big dish on my head.

To tell the truth, the fashion sense is not so strong as she imagined

Because of He Jie's body fat, too dazzling colors, but the size is long very wide

It is easy to have a lingering shadow...

Well, now, black, very good, hope that He Jie continues to insist on ha, although Hair Coloring is really a jump in and could not climb out of the pit...

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