Zheng Shuang wearing the same paragraph interpretation of a fat ruined all, buy the same uncle Yang Mi is to laugh?

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Zheng Shuang wearing the same paragraph interpretation of a fat ruined all, buy the same uncle Yang Mi is to laugh?

2017-01-12 00:38:12 303 ℃

In the words of a treasure above can always see the "XX star with a" clothes, a lot of people see the stars look so good-looking, also have to try to buy, but buy a home only to find the same paragraph: although good, don't try.

In "Zheng Shuang smiled a very little" wearing a floral skirt, worn especially beautiful collocation this elegant hairstyle, to give a pure and delicate feeling.

And Xiao Shuang's own temperament is relatively fresh, such a skirt can highlight her temperament.

But in a treasure buyers show inside, it seems that we are not wearing the best.

The girl may be a little fat, and she looks a little strong in this dress, and she has no fresh feeling. And a treasure on the same section of the material and the original is also much worse, although this skirt looks like, but the version did not do anything.

And this red wool coat is very simple, which requires a high quality and body.

Can not say that it does not look good, but there is no sense of texture, after all, Zheng Shuang's temperament and stature support, looks more charming.

But hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands of people and things, is still lack of some. So instead of buying the same paragraph, it would be better to choose their own clothes.

This sweater Tang Yan and Gao Yuanyuan all through, Gao Yuanyuan who is the goddess of gentle temperament, Tang Yan in the body is pretty girl. It's really very nice.

But after the purchase of the same paragraph found that these are deceptive, there is no other people's physical appearance temperament, as well as the late repair map, so a dress, I feel this clothes can not be more common ah......

Guli Nazha attended the "conference" optional day in mind when wearing a white dress is very eye-catching, including white skirt and nuozha has almost the color of their skin is also impressive. The feet of the red shoes add a bright color to this simple but elegant look, overall very successful.

Below we look at the same paragraph, the girl's figure is actually pretty good, but is not the election of a big ah, I feel very fit, and the waist of the local work is also a bit rough......

And a treasure of two explosion queen, Gianna Jun and Yang Mi the same paragraph that is to say, beyond count, see Yang Mi with the buyers show I also laughed.

Yang Mi is wearing a loose version of this sweater, generous play clothes are missing, and lovely.

But the comments of chaos into uncle is how ah, this domineering posture, the upright posture! I can not help but reveal the barbell like laughter.

And really do not say, the uncle put on this dress actually really pretty good......

Isn't it the right way to open the dress? Girls can wear her boyfriend's clothes when the boyfriend wind, boys wear loose version of women's feeling is also very good ah!

Tell the truth, although the stars look good, but we still want to buy clothes for their own.

After all, some of the money is out of the heap, a lot of clothes in texture, rather than patterns and patterns......

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