Baby accompany bestie birthday, finally see the pregnant belly, stroking belly look very gentle

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Baby accompany bestie birthday, finally see the pregnant belly, stroking belly look very gentle

2017-01-12 00:38:33 800 ℃

To say the recent discussion most of the drama is "not" the solitary Fang reward?

When sister student had read this novel, so when I know it to be remade when looking forward to

After this exposure stills, see the texture, Yan value, sister feel more to look forward to

However, the reality is cruel, baby acting in the play again by the melon masses ruthless tucao...

It is not 100 Yang at rotten stem baby...

Not only that, as the series aired, two high star yen value and into the "cutout" storm.

I believe that the pursuit of this drama may have the same confusion and sister it, why is the background of this drama is always virtual? It is not what the TV drama series Xian Xia fantasy, let a person look very careful look at the picture on the right side of being in Zhong Hanliang's face on the edge of the lines, there is a white, blurred edge, this is called the emergence in technology, will PS people should understand, the purpose is to synthesize the time and the background is more fitting. As for the long hair of the left edge of the AB and no hair and smooth lines, have a look that is undoubtedly the matting.

Well, after all the water cliff scenery not looking too good, such a scene with matting excusable

But why is a very simple play in the woods, to Angela Baby and Zhong Hanliang, it becomes a kind of feeling in front of the green screen dance...

Let's have a moving picture

But the most interesting is the program group shot used to cover up"

Real time is used to see the face by double star

But when it comes to the close-up, the screen becomes a familiar blur of jealousy, and a copy of Angela Baby

The edge of the left side of the hair are pulled out of the edge of the feed! You can't be serious!

Now the evaluation of the play on the Internet is already falling

The matting events, baby and Zhong Hanliang have responded, it is everyone's common routines, throws a lawyer's letter

Now stop all work schedule at ease to be produced baby, rarely appeared in public before the implementation, the baby recently in busy what?

Recently, netizen "mikocokiki" get Baby birthday together with the photo bestie

I do not know is the reason for the shooting or P figure P too, to see the big eyes staring at the next baby eyes will fall...

So even the daily time, no wonder the filming of the old love eyes... Eat melon people attention has been robbed of her eyes.

Take a look at this photo, Yan value suddenly changed back to it!

In the big picture, you can see already 8 months pregnant Baby wearing a light colored dress, revealing a rare pregnant belly, stroking belly when look very gentle, seem to have a mother's temperament.

Hey? Do not know is not the sister right, from the left second people is not a blue chip?

I really did not expect two people in such a field contract box appears ~!

No matter how the evaluation of the outside world now or Tucao, now the most important thing is to be produced at ease, baby can smoothly gave birth to a lovely baby.