This year did not broadcast the first fire of the ten drama ~ one of which is starring Chen Sicheng!

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This year did not broadcast the first fire of the ten drama ~ one of which is starring Chen Sicheng!

2017-01-12 00:40:07 909 ℃

2017 has passed 10 days! Small partners who watched the TV play? The children are chasing drama and ready to chase the drama of the children, if the January 1st to January 10th release of the TV show you do not like, spicy, then there are 10 drama is still worth looking forward to! United are absolutely not broadcast before the fire rhythm.

A,"The way to send flowers" - Starring: Zhong Hanliang, Jiang Shuying

It is said that the TV drama "the way to send flowers" broadcast time for March 19, 2017.

The play will be in the Oriental TV, Jiangsu TV broadcast the first round, the network video is Tencent video online independent broadcast!!

Directed by the famous director Liu Miaomiao love drama "healing way to send flowers" adapted from the novel of the same name: 2009 Unconvention, the play by Zhong Hanliang, Aaron Yan, Li Sheng, Jiang Shuying, high Yan value strength actor starring, is full of surprise.

Two, "late night dining room" - Starring: Janine Chang, Huang Lei

China TV version of "late night dining room" will be held on March 2017 in Zhejiang satellite TV, Beijing satellite TV satellite broadcast, Huang Lei, He Jiong, Hai Qing, Mark, Ivy Chen, Jam Hsiao, Janine Chang, Ma Su, Liu Haoran, Qi Wei and Cherrie Ying all star team, heal with delicacy.

"Late night dining room" to the city alley business late at night canteen for the stage, from the restaurant boss of each food pulled a paragraph on the marketplace warmth of life story. Food, stories, truth, brought together the theme of the whole drama, the church people face the pros and cons, full of expectations and enthusiasm for life. Behind every story full of deep feeling, plot the ups and downs, liulianwangfan. The show is a collection of Huang Lei, Hai Qing, Ma Su, Mark, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as.

Three, "summer solstice" - Starring: Chen Xuedong, Zheng Shuang

TV drama "summer solstice" by Chen Xuedong, Zheng Shuang, Bai Jingting. The play tells the story of several young people from high school acquaintance, mixed with love and hatred toward the ideal of life and their stories. Ten years to grow and love each other. This year will be broadcast in Hunan tv.

"Summer solstice" published in 2005, according to Guo Jingming's novel of the same name, the original author Guo Jingming served as artistic director. From the "time" to "grand track", as long as a Guo Jingming brand, after all, a high degree of concern. In addition to Chen Xuedong, Zheng Shuang, Bai Jingting three starring Xia Zitong, Chai Biyun, Pang Hanchen, together, Zhang Chao and Zhengri Keyco, Wang yuh Wen promising rookie acting. Youth Theme market is not optimistic about the scene, and strive to create a drama drama".

Four, "Ode to joy 2" - Starring: Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, etc.

In January 9th, TV drama "Ode to joy" 2 domestic shooting all fixing!

"Five" Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Wang Ziwen, Yang Zi, Qiao Xin and the crew are all creative happy celebration. Ha ha, that is to say that the broadcast is getting closer and closer......

The "Ode to joy" in the second quarter, the story is mainly a continuation of the first season of the plot, 22 floor, five golden flowers of work and feelings and mentality has been a major breakthrough, Andy unmarried, Guan Juer suitors, Qiu Yingying and Fan Shengmei meet Mr. Right constantly under huge pressure from the family, her boyfriend Wang Baichuan and Dr. Zhao Xiao Xiao Qu love after the encounter bottlenecks...... Production and performance of the original cast is a guarantee of quality drama.

Five,"That bloom on a perfect circle" - Starring: Chen Xiao, Sun Li

TV drama "that bloom on a perfect circle" by Sun Li, Chen Xiao starred in the legendary drama. That bloom on a perfect circle story in Shaanxi province Jingyang Wubao Wu family history as the background, describes the origin of the richest woman in Shaanxi in late Qing Dynasty folk Zhou Ying the ups and downs of life story.

There is no reason, just think: Sun Li's first few ancient costume drama were well received, the drama is worth looking forward to the drama.

Six, "that piece of stars that sea" - Starring: William Feng, Bea Hayden

Before the exposure by William Feng, Bea Hayden starred in the romantic fairy tale drama "the sky of the sea" the first trailer.

The play will be landing in 2017, Hunan satellite TV youth, every Monday to Wednesday evening 10 broadcast.

"Starry sky" tells the story of the sea away from the noise of the ordinary girl Shen screw and island Mermaid man Wu Julan man met up love story. The shark as a mysterious creature recorded in traditional culture, and the magnificent magical underwater world, the diversity of species, they not only show us another wonderful world, but also help us record the earth's ecological evolutionary changes in billions of years, the history of human living is precious. The protection of the marine environment is also one of the purposes of the choice of the sea and the theme of the sea, I believe that the play will be cured from the spiritual and visual aspects of the city's soul.

Seven, "August Weiyang" - Starring: Victoria Song, Rain

Baby Anne's first novel, prose anthology "August Weiyang" has always been loved by the fans, the youth literature IP television adaptation of the news was exposed, and the users of the book powder TV drama "August Weiyang" showed great enthusiasm and expectation, the Summit Series topic repeatedly hot topic list.

After the play tells the story of a close sister bestie flowers fall in love with a man at the same time, experienced the fate and impermanence, love and death, farewell and wandering, encounter and parting and tangled love story of betrayal and resentment. TV drama "August Weiyang" Chupin strive to build the country's top modern drama, not only in the production of billions of dollars of investment, but also to achieve cross shot, invited to film production team level for "August Weiyang" escort. Victoria Song and Rain is a new combination of eyes, looking forward to the wonderful performance of the "August Weiyang".

Eight, "what and what a cool summer" - Starring: Jia Nailiang, Wang Ziwen

Last November 16th, by Jia Nailiang, Wang Ziwen starred in the drama "love city where and what a cool summer" released a set of photos and trailers. Jia Nailiang stills clothing to suit, a change in the past the sun bright image, many are sad cumei affectionate appearance.

Jia Nailiang silently trailers or waiting lover, or sad in the far left, and kiss eyes injured Wang Ziwen "love child" plot to restore the height of the original novel in the history of the most affectionate male people. Watching the preview users have said that "the heart of stone finally fell, the love novels produced by heart." ", Jia Nailiang affectionate up so handsome"!

In addition to the lineup before the release of Jia Nailiang, Wang Ziwen, and also confirmed that the addition of the play, it is full of expectations of the people of Daniel Chan.

Nine, "cold," we can not be sad

TV drama "cold, we can not be sad" is expected in 2017 summer log in Hunan satellite TV, the day before the play is Shanghai hot shot. Starring Zhong Hanliang, Ma Tianyu, Sun Yi. The show is based on the novel, tells the story of BaiZhuanQianHui between life and cold, ginger Cheng Tianyou the story of three people, will be put across twenty years with love and care, can not give up love and companionship truly show.

The play by the godfather of Taiwan idol drama directed by Junjie Liu, Ma Tianyu as "cold", Sun Yi's "Jiang Sheng", "Cheng Tianyou" played by national husband Zhong Hanliang, TFBOYS king in the source will join! Do you look forward to it?

Ten, "great expectations" - Starring: Chen Sicheng

A few days ago before burst "suspected derailed Chen Sicheng" before the event, see the "great expectations" this drama first "six times" trailer, the trailer 12 hours playback volume on the whole network of over ten million! And most of the comments are said: the film texture, far more than expected, burning cry, acting school, with a sense of...... then even if it is not broadcast the first fire!

Zhuo Wei is really quite able to ah, this big new year's explosion Mengliao, first at the Chen Sicheng? Look at Liyan Tong's micro-blog, the first year is to help promote the drama's "great expectations" of the trailers, second is the blessing of Li Bingbing event, feeling emotion. See this play was written by Chen Sicheng lines is thinking...... Feel better!!!!

Hey! We don't have much to say about a lot of things!

Let's think about a TV show! Ha ha ha ha ha ~