Chen Sicheng derailed that charm, and rampant mistress exposed private photos

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Chen Sicheng derailed that charm, and rampant mistress exposed private photos

2017-01-12 00:40:25 757 ℃

"Ugly Chen Sicheng represents" continue to be burst two "derailed new evidence", one is with a woman in a hotel in Beijing "spend the morning", the other is a suspected "mistress" nurturing space out two large intimate private photos. President called on the people to enter the real hammer stage, Chaoyang people also need to give slag male face it?!

Mr. Chen has been good at public relations hide not appeared, Liyan Tong wife there relatives said she didn't want to talk about this thing now. 2017 derailed the first bomb, the president will be sharp to say several aspects:

1 Chen Sicheng led a few big ugly star derailed cheating, ugly men need to prove themselves of charm;

The 2 was named "four gouzei two shot in the accident, leaving Mark actor in danger;

3 Liyan Tong let the blind actress as red star network, interpretation of "widowed marriage".

The president said: want to be forgiven men, always seem to have a bad memory, the child is not an excuse, because after years of child grow up do not know how to access?

Then many ugly - cheating prostitution, to meet their own charm --

All star on the exposure of Chen Sicheng before the night will be two young woman, and in Beijing in January 5th at night with a beautiful woman in a hotel in Beijing.

This woman was also pointed out that micro-blog is named "Ye Zixi Zoe", the data also showed Thailand girl, she had played Chris in Chen Sicheng's film "Sherlock" in Chinatown.

But before Chen Sicheng's little lover, also known as "the most kind mistress in history", someone broke the news in 2015, Mr. Chen splits Wang Tianchu, returned to her rented house, bought a Mercedes benz.

Wang Tianchu himself has a friend visible album, there are a lot of her and Chen Sicheng's high-definition intimate photos were exposed, she felt afraid of what friends do not know she is Chen's small three. (there's Mr. Chen in the hotel's underwear, also has a hotel bed......)

There are also pictures of the girl wearing a bathrobe, Mr. Chen into the back of the hotel, the two together to participate in activities, really full of memories, the president has entered the play...... Yaya, fast cover your child's eyes!!

HD version, Mr. Chen is only wearing a vest to play Meng Meng photos, I would like to ask the day before or after the photo shoot?

There are a lot of about two people suspected of gun chats have been exposed, girls said to stay in the hotel, Chen Sicheng, Chen also asked "I naughty?"

Before a lot of friends that Chen Sicheng and soil and ugly, even married the goddess of the appearance of Liyan Tong, in fact, he himself is very confident of their talent.

In the interview before the president also felt Mr. Chen to answer the question is very much his own set, the feeling is always thinking about the topic of life, and now appears to be a bit biased personal thinking process.

Chen Sicheng, Chen He, David Tao, Huang Haibo, Benny Chan, and Wang Xun, Quanan Wang, Zhu Fangyu and so on several big ugly star derailed cheating mooch prostitutes, that "a woman marry an ugly man" is not a safe thing, last fall the more like upside down. (President here, who looks ugly in alphabetical order)

Ugly, because he looks as people often easily inferiority, the heart also easily distorted. No money no fame, can only rely on fantasy beauty because beauty will not satisfy the greed, grass root ugly man, so only their own sexual repression.

Until he developed rich famous, beautiful women are willing to appear suddenly, so some revenge men who had conquered, the beauty of the desire to become stronger.

Early because of ugly women and lead to less exposure, not found the initiative to contact the woman is greedy, easy blindly confident is their own personal charm.

Many male stars have married, why play derailed play so recklessly? Because the ugly star identity, let them to the outside of an illusion of "passive and honest", so most will not be suspected wife and relatives.

Of course, the paparazzi also hopes to take a handsome body good actor derailed ah, that is beautiful picture.

I am four gouzei two accident left actor in dangerous -- Mark

Before the site selection of the straight tiger "four gouzei" Mark, Shiou, Chen Sicheng, Quanan Wang, because the four stole four goddesses, Gao Yuanyuan, Alyssa Chia, Liyan Tong, Zhang Yuqi, they love the most.

The four goddesses and their husband is simply a contrast to the strong yen value, some people think Mark, Shiou is not more handsome, will want to say different views.

At present, Chen Sicheng Quanan Wang has had an accident, Shiou and Alyssa Chia married at least a baby, although it can not guarantee that he has not derailed, especially love the sun baby sun of happiness, there is always a small concern for president jiedi.

Before Quanan Wang was the law enforcement recorder captured picture also visible before the eyes netizens think generally, but the more dangerous is Mark. Of course, we feel that many more handsome than Wang Zhao, so the probability of buying and prostitution is not too large, derailed this thing not to say, even after being hit in the face.

Mark has a lot of turmoil and Gao Yuanyuan married after the president, also had a lot of black explosive material can read history, two people is not fuel-efficient lights. And married so long, the goddess of the belly has not been born baby movement, which is very dangerous.

Female stars as red as a net suffer a widowed marriage

Nearly a day later, there is a fake and deleted Chen Sicheng studio false statement, the couple did not respond to the matter.

Yesterday, the media contacted Liyan Tong's relatives, the other said home is still in check, "Emma now do not want to say this thing," we hope that the elders and children ".

The last one of Liyan Tong's early micro-blog users will be captured, they let her "not forgive Chen Sicheng" praise as high as more than 50 thousand, it is not closing comments ya ya.

Many people say that Liyan Tong is so beautiful and dance, very hard-working man recorded reality show, with the same period in which her actress is more low-key, married to Chen Sicheng this is a flower in the what, now derailed her husband actually have to swallow.

There are a lot of people don't know Chen Sicheng has such a beautiful wife home, why in the outside mess without restraint. The president wants to say: now a lot of social man's eyes, as well as red net actress, noble prostitute.

Chen Sicheng and some gossip object feel engaged in the occupation can not describe, see these red net, small neat, Wang Tianchu and Ye Zixi are all red net. Netizens have long been silly not clear, the president can doubt Mr. Chen can not be clear in the evening.

Liyan Tong interactive in micro-blog and Chen Sicheng are often of no return, no matter how she @ husband show of affection, the result is the one-sided enthusiasm. Isn't that a marriage?"Widowed marriage"The portrayal of it?

When a woman is married and personal life is not what difference in the meaning of "get married only a cock that do not know Chen Sicheng and other actor in the marriage also do not do the.

Liyan Tong with the "widowed marriage" in a more:

Need to bring the children also need to endure the busy career, but also bear the pressure of life and cause tired. It's not easy to have a husband.

Liyan Tong is a husband, but the more unhappy. Circle of a lot of actress live such a life, but her husband derailed the tragedy has not been exposed to the public, he was blind.

"Basketball champion Zhu Fangyu's ex-wife Hu Mei had issued a document in micro-blog talked about Zhu Fangyu having an affair, habitual criminals eventually divorced, yet the truth. The president finally brought with Liyan Tong, and have the same situation with ordinary actress, female friends share.

1 do you want to forgive the man who has derailed? NO!

"I tried to forgive, but to be forgiven men, always seem to have a bad memory, even when then burst into tears, a few days will be completely forgotten."

2 do not have to go to the derailment to revenge? NO!

"It doesn't matter if I go to bed with one hundred men, it will only make the relationship worse and make me feel guilty."

3 should not be too tangled in divorce property division? NO!

"Even if I don't get a penny, I'm going to get a divorce because I didn't marry him for money." From the heart, I want to be free, and now women, whether good or bad, no matter how much money, have their own work."

4 do not insist on divorce for children? NO!

"The children of divorce are not necessarily juvenile problems, children, and those who had to make the family, not necessarily because parents sacrifice healthy growth."

Finally, don't think that divorce is a real cheap mistress, wrong to leave and to meet. Slag male toxic, said three times.

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