Yang Mi night to buy food to cook Hawick Lau, Liyan Tong Hong Tao often went to the market to buy vegetables are a good wife.

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Yang Mi night to buy food to cook Hawick Lau, Liyan Tong Hong Tao often went to the market to buy vegetables are a good wife.

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It seems that in the majority of people's concept, the wife should be the home cooking. Not to say that this view is not correct, but small sister is that both boys and girls, learn to cook cooking for yourself full of delicious food.

But there are a lot of entertainment in the entertainment industry is a pretty good cook.

This is a small makeup Hong Tao took to the streets to buy food was snapped photos of her right hand can carry a big bag of food was left with a wallet to see.

I think this is the ordinary people in the mother go out to buy food standard, although do not see exactly what to buy food, but look at this posture should be very tasty.

Can only say envy Xu Zheng pig brother, cherish the present people!

This is Liyan Tong with the assistant to the market to buy vegetables, look or veteran, see food freshness tiaotiaojianjian.

After buying the food, the assistant took the food in front, Liyan Tong is holding a cell phone, is not in the message to Chen Sicheng call him back to eat?

It is obvious to see all the way Liyan Tong did not put down the phone, has been looking at the phone, the expression seems to have a smile, I do not know whether it is a good dinner with Chen Sicheng.

The goddess Liyan Tong is a perfect wife ah, there are always people who are fortunate in the world.

Chen Yao and her ex husband after breaking up, the day is a very good time, with little jasmine also often go to the market to buy food, but also was photographed smiling.

In fact, like Chen Yao, there is a saying how to say, love to laugh at the girls will not be too bad, right?

Cecilia Cheung Nicholas Tse's husband conditioning program do fast, but take care of the two sons of Cecilia Cheung itself is also a conditioning master, often have been photographed to buy food, is a look at the cook for two sons.

Ha ha, you see, is a purse hand food standard.

Her two sons, even if the parents divorce, but this love their mother is very happy, as long as the work will come down with them, cook for my son to eat is more common.

Every time is selling fish and meat and egg and other nutritious food, children will be very happy to meet his children, like Cecilia Cheung, is actually very love.

A person can take good care of the children and themselves, without a husband also does not matter.

When Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse together, he had to go to the crew to see him, cooking for him to eat.

1.5 hours, cooked in China, France, South Korea, India, Italian food. By a SA straight Kua is really a good wife"!

Gao Yuanyuan, after marriage, seems to be on the screen, but many times to see her in the supermarket to buy food.

Bought so many dishes, I guess it is not a person to eat it, it should be cooked and her husband Mark eat together. It is also a good wife ah goddess privately.

Sweet sweet mother Li Xiaolu, recently very love her new play.

She went to buy food seems to have often seen, sometimes and sometimes husband and mother-in-law, Jia Nailiang, this is actually photographed and Joker together, ha ha, is also a good friend in private.

And her husband went to buy vegetables have been photographed, the husband is carrying a box of milk, a guess is to drink sweet sweet, ha ha.

Followed by the staff pushing a car in the back.

Finally found that two people were driving a car to scare you, is crying!

Li Xiaolu micro-blog has also been cooking dumplings dumplings photos, it seems at home is also a small kitchen experts.

Hey, see Li Xiaolu and Joker shopping together, to see He Jiong and Athena Chu together to buy food and the teacher did not surprise me.

See two people bought so many dishes, it should be a private friend party, it must be cooking Athena Chu, right? Because he looks like a teacher in general...

Some time ago to see the title of the time, there is a little surprised, because at that time, in addition to the script, every time to see the night, think of the script...

But the title should be a bit of an exaggeration, because you can clearly see, Yang Mi hand is fruit (possibly tomatoes) and beverages, should buy some snack bar, it is not sure and Hawick Lau together, maybe buy some snacks from the crew.

When it comes to here, and a good wife I have to mention is Nana's sister xie.

Every time I see her micro-blog drying out of cooking photos, can bring back my appetite, and this photo for her people, I think it must be a lovely Jie brother!

Xie Nazhen is constantly on Sichuan Mala love, every time is a spicy taste of Sichuan, let people greedy dead.

And every time I guess it's all done for Jay, who's gonna take her?!

And Madonna is not only home chef, is cooking big brother Jie a ah. Sheenah returned home to Sheenah will make a good Chili oil chaoshou, really want to eat, eat a good look.

See Jie brother happy little expression, sister sister must be very happy to eat!

Sister and brother Jie really good happiness, also hope that a lot of people can cherish the present people, don't put others' good as your indulgence reason.

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