Explosion! When a star is famous, delete old friends! Also exit the group of friends! It's a bad thing!

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Explosion! When a star is famous, delete old friends! Also exit the group of friends! It's a bad thing!

2017-01-12 00:40:48 323 ℃

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But welcome to your circle of friends! Mua~

I did not expect to open a few days Zhuo Wei teacher burst mengliao! This may come to you for a change point small lace! According to the detective brother broke the news recently in the famous star deleted his old friend, also out of the circle of friends! It is clear to all the past contact with the rhythm! The following is the old friend broke the news process.

According to friends broke the news that the actor before school love fight is a very small fry. Looks like a boy with a story.

Yes, an actor's name is Kim han! Is it a bit strange? The sugar and seen Luo Jin's tokens of "beautiful" the Weiyang buddies should know the role of history of Yunnan.

Jinhan is in "Jinxiu Weiyang" in this role to Yunnan is widespread concern, also worked with Luo Jin and other creative went to do publicity programs. ()

But also because the Jinhan characters had two hot search, it is because of this show a little fame.

In fact, the light from the value for Yan guy or a standard of meat.

But in a splendid Weiyang role in the "secret Princess" in Jin Han also has with character.

Not only that but many younger brother Jin Han or Zhao Liying one, almostZhao Liying made all micro-blog he will point praise, it seems to be the target of learning as Zhao Liying~

But this time for him to delete old friends behavior of netizens unexpectedly did not spray him, most believe that friends thing, in fact, such a thing is not uncommon in the entertainment circle, like Guan Xiaotong said before his roommate in pre-school before micro-blog are deleted, leaving only a part of.

But in may seems mature star almost did not do before, such as Jinhan idol Zhao Liying, after fame did not delete former friends, and friends to do the Red Net she also to join in their work, will have the opportunity to take a friend ~ ()

Back home a little unassuming, very skilled to use to start work.

The same was born in rural Luo Jin also did not care about their own pastIn the program, but also had wanted to talk about their marriage at home a few days put on the banquet, please everyone to eat. Think of Wallace Huo Hu Ge, a large amount of coffee sitting in the fields look really elegant style!

I do not know this Luo Jin Jiangxi guy will not scare away this girl Tang Yan Shanghai? Or go to today's business! For the famous star from past this thing I think is right about it if people really want to start it right? However,For Zhao Liying to take the initiative to help old friend's behavior Zambrotta Da! Agree with A MeiZAN!

4 billion "box office queen"! Divorce derailed? The mistress also robbed the owner name?

Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Fan Bingbing find self angle Bimei while Zheng Shuang is scheming...

Jackie Chan said she was ugly, and now has become the youngest "Dragon Girl" binding Wu Feng speculation?


Also, fake what I hate!