Liyan Tong's father advised her to yaoyarenzhu, the netizen comments on!

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Liyan Tong's father advised her to yaoyarenzhu, the netizen comments on!

2017-01-12 00:41:28 233 ℃

Chen Sicheng derailed play 3P news burst out so long, and hadn't seen Chen Sicheng talk, did not see the Liyan Tong sound, but before a plausible is the registration of small Chen Sicheng studio issued a statement, but just a soon removed.

Although deleted very quickly, but there are still eye users on file, read this statement users say the wording problem also does not have any convincing, no wonder so quickly deleted.

But things in the past two days, Liyan Tong still no movement, micro-blog's recent news or two days ago, on the morning of the accident, said: "Beijing finally wind", seemingly not what relationship, I feel there are so little?

And opening comments, the comment is not uniform to peace, let Liyan Tong never forgive Chen sicheng!

But Liyan Tong's not happened, her dad was out this morning, have you found her father last night was like a micro-blog, micro-blog's content is chicken soup, said people should hold a tolerant heart to happiness Balabala like.

Originally, the point is not what, but at this point, and this is like micro-blog's content, is not difficult to make people not to think ah, but another level can be sure is that Chen Sicheng has been derailed is an ironclad fact, and this praise has provoked a lot of anger of friends, a two are asked: "what can!"

The mood of the user can also understand, after all, in the eyes of everyone, Liyan Tong Yan Yan have the ability to, what is not missing, the earth to the oil Chen Sicheng actually derailed, simply can not understand ah! Now see her father did not sleep in the middle of the night, but also advised her daughter to endure, it must be very angry!

In fact, her father would say a little strange, when she and Chen Sicheng together in the happy camp for the wedding, her father said to Chen Sicheng, to treat his daughter Chen Sicheng, but he said this time, his son did not seriously listen to ah,

Later, his father said to her daughter's words, I give you to others, you should have a good husband, the husbandWaitWell, cook more work, in short, is to make Liyan Tong a good woman,

It sounds right, but now look so sad! His father said is full to her make a good woman, three sentences, not one word is for Liyan Tong to consider, is how to say their dedication, but also used a word "serve"! Why not take care of it! It seems that the impact of the original family is also great!

There are friends and Liyan Tong said they are a Xibe Xibe Nationality, has its own concept of marriage,

In Xibe people thought that divorce is a very shameful thing! Only in case of an impossible step can divorce, and women's status is very low and no right to divorce,

So if from the perspective of the customs, feeling her father advised her that she can understand, and before the interview also said, for the man derailed as long as the home is very good, can the family ah!

However, if we put aside the original family education marriage customs, and for a different perspective, this may be a way to comfort his daughter father!