Deng Chao's kitchen three details that Sun Li will give his wife home, cooking serving only the three actor

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Deng Chao's kitchen three details that Sun Li will give his wife home, cooking serving only the three actor

2017-01-12 00:41:40 466 ℃

Every housewife, have their own tips to ensure that the family clean.

No doubt in recently turn to Deng Chao micro-blog, of course, the content is Sun Li and his loving show, but careful users have found a few details, people have to give Sun Li a little praise wow.

This is the Deng Chao micro-blog drying out photos, light read text: life, is to give you the next wife noodles.

This show I love with a good man Deng Chao please hold on!

But Deng Chao often bask in his wife to cook, but not their appearance, should not often cook at home.

Open the picture you can see, Deng Chao home kitchen, washing the dishes is not placed in the cupboard, but in the upper left corner, finished first on the drainboard on the drain of clean water, in fact, chopsticks is not enough, this method placed inside the cupboard to put more than very convenient and practical many.

Secondly, in the right hand side of the Sun Li, specially in the side of the stove on the design of a groove used for placing seasoning cans, so placed, handling time and place convenient, just do not spend a lot of experience to put those bottles.

The main details are here, cooked all know, the kitchen is very large, every time after cooking stove must be clean, otherwise the long-term accumulated, it's very difficult to clean the oil.

But Sun Li is more careful, she put the film close to the hearth wall pasted. The location of the most close to the largest oil smoke, after the cling film, as long as the timing of the replacement of the film, you can always keep the kitchen wall clean it, this tip must learn yo. Is a very practical small worry, pith!

And you can see Chen Yao's kitchen, the dishes are placed in the cupboard, not placed on the drainboard.

In this way, I think the kitchen should be smaller than the Sun Li home, because the edge of the things placed in the crowded.

Adorable God Olivia kitchen early in the program on the exposure of several times, each time to see all that Li Xiaopeng home kitchen is very clean. Not when cooking on the stove and sink everything up, looks very clean and tidy.

The utensils and bottles should all receive the following in the cupboard, it looks very neat. So Li Xiaopeng often see him when he was looking for something to cook, but it may be he is not familiar with the kitchen bar, ha ha, after all, at home is usually a mother cooking!

But after the program's exercise, it is estimated that every time at home will cook.

Sweet sweet home, you can see the pool or place a lot of things, color plate kitchen paper have, although no Li Xiaopeng looks clean, but more home atmosphere.

In particular, look at this photo, a glance to see the refrigerator next to the top of the cupboard full of things, ha ha, and then close to the side of the lens is very clean. But this is really a feeling of home, it is often used in the kitchen.

Remember just on the show, Jia Nailiang cooking will not, and now do not know at home cooking.

But when it comes to the most painful wife, wife to cook at home often actor, it must be below the three.

The first Lu Yi, he is good at cooking, cooking at home will often cook, often see him in the kitchen cooking photos. He could see the sun out of the picture, his home kitchen is full of European style decoration, clean very clean, and placed behind very much, certainly is often in the kitchen.

As for his cooking, the picture you will know, this is a table of dishes is him, but also the two pot boiled together!

And Huang Lei, Huang Xiaochu, can't cook!

It is absolutely a master chef, every time he cooks feel slobber would follow the left micro-blog, from time to time drying their dishes, just greedy dead.

Ow, all want to eat ah, Huang Lei wife Sun Li Jen happy. Just want to say that Huang Lei also asks you to hold on, do not have an accident!

The last is Tong Dawei, on the show. What a powerful ah, but also micro-blog sun Tong large canteen, called a midnight killer!

Also accompany with the text: teachers have supper

This loving show I feel convinced, Guan Yue usually thought not long fat is not easy, there are so often to her husband feeding.

What are the stars at home cooking and cooking a good wife's pain ah, quickly in the comments area.