Chen Sicheng derailed late at night, Venus, Sun Li said to Liyan Tong......

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Chen Sicheng derailed late at night, Venus, Sun Li said to Liyan Tong......

2017-01-12 00:41:55 274 ℃

Meet the entertainment in 2017 to open the first big news! Chen Sicheng is said to have derailed, we are still too young, not a Oh, is the two MM (omitted here one thousand words...)

The night in a room and two women, friends in the room door to wait more than 6 missing girls out of the room, at noon on the second day Chen Sicheng was out of the hotel to the studio, and there are sharp eyed Netizens found Chen Sicheng second times to open the door wearing a bathrobe.

Two women in front and back

Do not tell me what the three landlords who recite the lines, the fool will believe it!

Liyan Tong

Such a thing happened, Liyan Tong did not know what he felt, she did not know the final will be like Ma Yili reluctantly "and cherish", or "without a fight, or refuse to stand together through storm and stress" turn left, let netizens applauded?

Chen Sicheng late at night

Derailment, divorce, has become an increasingly common phenomenon. And Venus is on a show, so to speak:

A woman's life, is actually very difficult... Some people say that women are the parents of twenty years a day married Princess, Queen, Princess ten months pregnant, the other time nanny for a lifetime...


Some people say that a woman in this life, we must stand up to withstand the perfunctory, can bear to deceive, put a promise, but also to learn to use a smile to cover up the tears.

Sun Li and Venus

Someone said, would rather believe that this world fishy, do not believe that a man 's mouth, perhaps in the world there are one thousand kinds of men do not trust, maybe there are a lot of bad men hurt the heart of a woman in this world.


Sun Li said: the most calm woman, nothing to send a text message to men, if you ask me how to think?

Sun Li

I would say: if he is not busy, he will contact me. If he is busy, what shall I do with him?

Sun Li and Deng Chao

If he is not busy and do not contact me, then I contact him?

A good man will make a woman more and more gentle, ruthless man will only make the woman more and more strong! Many times, she left the reason is - you ride a bad bike, but also every day to make her cry......

So, to find a husband or to open your eyes, is not it?