Jet Li little daughter first exposure, mother Nina Li gene is not wasted

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Jet Li little daughter first exposure, mother Nina Li gene is not wasted

2017-01-12 00:42:07 852 ℃

Kung Fu superstar Jet Li and too many friends.

It is said that every time a Jet Li back to Hongkong, will live in the home, and the two daughters of Jet Li, will be called to the "mother"".

Nina Li and Jet Li has always been low-key, but two people are prohibited according to reports, daughter exposure, in order to prevent the appearance of two daughters, Jet Li and even they are not permitted to participate in school cultural activities.

The eldest daughter Jane love dancing very much, Jet Li tried her approval at a very young age to dance with Andy Lau, only one, two sisters have appeared.

The eldest daughter Jane:

Little daughter Jetta:

Last year, sister Jane to attend the event, once again exposed, but 16 years old, she did not seem to have a lovely childhood.

As for sister Jetta, grew up appearance, not publicly.

Recently, the Jet Li family and play back to Hongkong, my daughter Jetta to accompany too by shopping, paparazzi photos!

Wow!! Jetta handsome appearance, very touching!

Originally, Nina Li gene didn't waste, Hong Kong media even called "Jet Li's daughter is the most beautiful star two generation".

It might be a bit of an exaggeration, but Jetta is really sweet.

Jetta is only 13 years old this year, a pair of legs has attracted many eyes.

To stop taking pictures too, Jetta is very well behaved on the road next to the waiting, Hong Kong media description, many men see Jetta, could not help but look.

If you know her father is Jet Li, do not know passers-by will be surprised?

The little girl really grew up, after a few years, if interested, can be a filmmaker!!

Jet Li and Nina Li married in 1999 and gave birth to two daughters, is the above mentioned 16 year old and 13 year old daughter Jane Jetta.

In fact, their two mother is a generation of beauty Nina Li, so in any case, facial features are not long crooked.

Nina Li was born in 1961, moved to Hongkong in 1981, the original reading achievement is very good to her, because of the language, do not adapt to life in Hongkong, as a salesman at the furniture store, to the United States after studying business management, but also did not finish, he returned to Hongkong in 1986 to "miss asia".

At that time, Hongkong people have prejudices against the mainland, announced that Nina Li won the championship of the moment, immediately booed down.

Nina Li is not happy, she was very sensitive to find that the audience does not like the audience is the mainland, rather than the person who is Nina Li.

To this end, Nina Li said: "you want me to die, I will not die for you to see, I want to live well."

Leslie Cheung in an interview revealed that Nina Li told him that her strong disguise, but she is most afraid of boos, "I am a man, I feel like other people, I have the feeling."

Nina Li and Jet Li this relationship, called for many years, because the two people together, Jet Li already have a wife.

And Nina Li many years ago to visit, mentioned that if she fell in love with a husband, she will do?

At that time, she said: "if the couple had no problem, I can not be the third, on the contrary, if their husband and wife feelings change, and this man is worthy of my love, I will insist on love."

If it is her husband derailed it?

Nina Li said - he will fulfill each other, "only a sigh of bad luck, since there is no ability to keep his heart, it will help him!"

But the truth is...... Nina Li jealous has deep to Jet Li and the female star almost afraid of the photo!

So to have said Jet Li and Nina Li together and started to keep a distance with the opposite sex, every photo is put in the pocket or hands behind, even the woman's shoulders will not touch, if the reporter must he do, but his hands will volley.

Rumors, Jet Li has feelings for Nina Li were righteous, Nina Li was willing to bear the debt.

Nina Li said, in the last century at the beginning of 90s to fade out the entertainment, business, real estate circles woman, investment real estate business in the mainland.

It was reported that Nina Li invested ten million dollars to build villas.

However, after the report also said Nina Li investment failure, villa project failed to complete.

At that time, more Chuan Jet Li to help Nina Li to survive, Yongsheng Entertainment Limited signed about two years, shoot six plays per film, only about $12 million, with the proviso that the first half fee before signing six films ($36 million), and the remaining part after half a year.

At that time, Yongsheng entertainment boss to respond too, confirmed that Jet Li was signed two years shooting in the six film, but he said the price of HK $12 million fee, everyone is dismissive of Jet Li.

And to think that Nina Li is a smart girl, do not need to rely on the help of Jet Li.

As for Jet Li then responded: I think it is funny, this news is not the first time, I do not want to mention the future."

Let it be, about Nina Li and Jet Li's story, true, widespread, no matter how to explain the parties, should not have to listen to people.

Let's take a look at their daughters, grow up in such a rich family, and have beautiful, do not rule out the future is a new star!

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