Broke the news Jacky Heung deliberately hit Jacky Heung Jet Li was hit the truth

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Broke the news Jacky Heung deliberately hit Jacky Heung Jet Li was hit the truth

2016-07-21 00:10:13 3579 ℃

Shocked! Huaqiang's son to the file is played? Before it broke the news that Jet Li deliberately playing to the file, this is how to return a responsibility?? Internet rumors, Huaqiang with triad background, but those is yet to be confirmed, I also strongly denied, while in Hong Kong, nobody do not know Huaqiang in Hong Kong's position of strength. Which dare to cuss head?

Charles Heung son Jacky Heung who was playing?

Charles Heung, chairman of China Star Group Co., Ltd., Hongkong film and television industry boss, holding a red Andy Lau, Stephen Chow, Carina Lau and other big stars. 1989 Charles Heung in the movie "God of gamblers" plays dragon five popular. Charles Heung and Chen Lanyou two sons, one is Jacky Heung, one is to you. Jacky Heung: formerly known to the show flat. The eldest son of Charles Heung, chairman of the China Star group. Because he has a special liking for the entertainment, the early years of study in the United Kingdom back, into the Hongkong model, active in a variety of fashion occasions. In recent years, to the rank and file of the business gradually shifted showbiz, has taken the "72 tenants", "the Warlords", capturing the handsome "and other large.

About Charles Heung son Jacky Heung was hit, only sporadic rumors, no news reports.

(1), flying tiger team top Ren Darong, Simon Yam played Charles Heung's son.

Yam yam, the brother of Simon yam is served as the Hong Kong Police Deputy Commissioner, is Hong Kong fly to the top of the tigers, in the hands of the Hong Kong Flying Tigers, rumored to be yam yam, yam, the two brothers played Huaqiang's son, but these are non-existent speculation, and there is no evidence, I think Huaqiang a also is not willing to mention the son was hit this thing.

(2), Charles Heung's son owes millions to be recovered

June 6, 2015, netizen "electric rabbit Mr. Eugene micro blog posting." don't ask all money to now have not yet! Not that I fear who threatened to delete posts! I just don't want to put something big trouble! But I have always believed that Qianzhaihuanqian is as unalterable principles... People have to trust someone! "Alluding to owe no change.

The so-called capital of four less, refers to the mainland has a lot of love and female celebrity biography of the rich two generations, of which a few young handsome was dubbed the capital of four less, that is, Wang Xiaofei, Wang Shuo, Wang Yu, Wang Ke. As for the source of the title, after many efforts, still failed to find the exact place, can only be sure from the network, which belongs to the crystallization of the wisdom of the user gossip. A large number of capital flows on the network four less played Charles Heung's son, but has not been confirmed.

(4), the youngest son of Charles Heung was beaten.

The youngest son of Charles Heung in 2009 had fights. China Star boss Huaqiang's youngest son involved Chanyu Stanley fight cases, too (Chen Lan) asked about the matter, also for the youngest son angry and said: "even if the police do not sue, I will tell him (accused of playing the youngest son of golden man)."

Jet Li deliberately hit Jacky Heung one thing

3D fantasy blockbuster "Fengshen legend" day in Beijing before the opening conference, starring Jet Li, Jacky Heung appeared in propaganda. Jet Li at the meeting revealed that he had in the studio intentionally beat to the file, wanted to make him feel bitter home. As a result, he has insisted on. For a time, Jacky Heung became the focus. Originally, to the file is the son of the couple to Huaqiang, the 3D Nabi list "is to couple's for holding the son and tailored to the film.

By the famous Hong Kong director Wilson Yip producer, Tsui Hark gaotu Xu directed by ANN, starring Jet Li, Fan Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, Louis Koo and other 3D fantasy blockbuster "gods legend", in Beijing held a press conference, starring Jet Li, Zuo appeared detailing the "gods" complex, talk about interesting things behind the scenes. This film will be released in July 29th.

"Vivid character FengShenYanYi" story and Jiang Ziya, Na Zha, Yang Jian and other well-known to Chinese. Today, this "super magic IP" by means of "the world" reduction technology. Conference, the Chinese film star Huaqiang chairman admitted "Qi," star of the credit belongs to Tai Chen Lan, and to too said: "between person and person is by fate, Jet Li to us like family, the role of Jiang Ziya from the start I want to look for him to play." Live broadcast of the Jet Li and China Star cooperation "Dragon Saber Yitian Mojiao leader" "once upon a time in Western lion" and other classics of moments. Jet Li and to the couple's "friendship ship" has passed through more than 20 years. "Our common experience of tsunami, life and death, together to do charity, we have common values, I feel very proud."

As one wants to enter the time Charles Heung Jet Li son Jacky Heung as his life mentor: I was watching his kung fu films grew up, so let me go to practice Kung fu." To assist also brought a video of their acrobatics, Jet Li after watching, published a long monologue encouragement to the file: "I saw him grow up. In 2005 I took "fearless" when he said to shoot the film, I intentionally beat him, let him and the masses actor lunch together, let him feel bitter went home. Two years after the filming of "the Warlords" he came again. I was advised him to study well, succession in charge of the Chinese star, who knows he is to do martial arts actor, had to introduce my brother taught him, now five or six years he persevered, practice every day five or six hours! No matter what will happen in the future, I respect him very much, the young people are willing to stick with my dream.

Attached: Charles Heung family introduction

Charles Heung was born in Guangdong province of China in the Republic of china. His father is a major general in the Republic of China Army forward. He ranks tenth among the 13 brothers. The wife is from Taiwan (Chen Lan Chen Mingying). There are 2 children, the eldest son to the flat (Jacky Heung), the two children to the show (Xiang You).

Huaqiang in the late 1970s had starred in Taiwan China Film Corporation, a series of anti Communist patriotic movie, over the years, bent in the movie industry of Hong Kong, in Whampoa "soul" in the film out of a decorated by the military academy students leap up to Kaohsiung Fengshan commandant. In 1983 and his brother founded Yongsheng Huasheng film company in 1993, followed by part company each going his own way. Two couples was founded in 1994 (formerly China Yongsheng entertainment star), and starred in many movies.

There were 13 Charles Heung brothers, ranked tenth, with seventh brother and younger brother Hua Hua wave, are active in entertainment. Charles Heung has 1 daughters, 2 sons, the eldest daughter of 36 years old. Charles Heung's two sons were Jacky Heung and to woo, who had been studying in England. Children are now born wife, known as "big sister" Chen Lan in Hongkong. Huaqiang early action film star, since the eighties of the 20th century, and brother Huasheng investment cooperation film is Hong Kong Yongsheng group of pictures behind the big boss.

Entertainment is a never a lack of topics of the place, about to the file have been hit, the parties since no longer pursue, that we will not speak the Xianxin the, as Jet Li deliberately playing to assist a thing is the elder to the younger generation of love move, in the entertainment circle would have a senior to know you, and lead you, really is a blessing.