Yu Xiaotong said the sea and land as a girl, fell in love with the sea because of his girlfriend, the traditional"

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Yu Xiaotong said the sea and land as a girl, fell in love with the sea because of his girlfriend, the traditional"

2017-03-19 06:21:50 979 ℃

Baby look at the "entertainment recently let me go north" really is the nose, "Daddy" ring powder ah, Qian Xi brother is really not too sweet, was fascinated by the minute, Lin update are hidden "good man" attribute, cooking is really sit up and take notice.

And Yu Xiaotong also reprimanded the baby is really very gas ah, super MAN, circle a wave of small fans sister ~ but others but the family ah

Yu Xiaotong and the sea together for a long time, two people together is just surprise a lot of people, because two people age difference, difference of 10 years old, than the man or the woman, so once let a lot of people are not acceptable.

However, the two did not listen to the outside world, or very much in love

At Airport

Shopping together

Just like the usual couple ah ~ two people together is super sweet

In fact, two people as early as the "we cross it," this file has been a lot of variety in the sugar, and recently some netizens noticed that we cross it in a small detail

Yu Xiaotong "drink wine" after being caught, was asked to write a "confession", users found it was that the words "hope and sauerkraut......"

Yu Xiaotong is to take the sea with a nunnery, oh ~ is a dog to be caught off guard plug

It is said that Yu Xiaotong had a point of praise of his and the sea and land of micro-blog, a look at the secret is in the search for him and the sea and land on micro-blog is really terrible ah

Many people wonder why Yu Xiaotong would like Shanghai, after all, the difference in age. In fact, read the "through it," people know that two people in fact, particularly suitable, whether it is in character, or in appearance

Sea and land is relatively soft Meng sister, relatively mild and steady, and Yu Xiaotong is more impulsive temperament is more urgent, two people just a soft inexplicable with ~!

And Yu Xiaotong is really a special land and sea, in an interview with the sea and land, he said: he is a very cute little girl, but also a traditional cute little girl

In the eyes of small Tong, although she was ten years old, but still a "lovely little girl", and Yu Xiaotong also said that such an adjective "tradition"". Yu Xiaotong also appreciate her traditional"

Some netizens have noticed, in the "we cross it" inside Yu Xiaotong on land and sea every move is very polite, the behavior is not over, you can see that she really respect the land and sea, which is really a manifestation of love it ~!

In the present society, "traditional" appears more and more valuable, especially in the entertainment circle, it is a clear stream, hope Yu Xiaotong will always love the land and the sea, cherish the good girl oh

The last wave of sending users found the small details of the Yu Xiaotong sea ~ love

Come and have the dog food to share with everyone

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