Young fame, red over Guan Xiaotong, now instead of relying on pregnant belly to suck fine?!

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Young fame, red over Guan Xiaotong, now instead of relying on pregnant belly to suck fine?!

2017-03-19 06:22:06 388 ℃

Today, Alyssa Chia drying out in micro-blog BoBo as the adorable baby ungenerous.

Provoked a group of people to eat melon envy, Alyssa Chia and the high value of this family of five, Shiou!

Say, the two years in the circle of newborns is really a lot, and to eat melon people, nature is like this 1+1=3 star model.

Some time ago, Huang Xiaoming's home was born a small sponge, Huang guru can not wait to drying out photos.

The Yellow leader big fist VS small sponge small fist, photos are Aiang!!!

Again Ruby Lin, born in Taiwan, under the small cotton padded jacket.

The ultra day sun with photos of her little feet.

By the way, there's Jay Chou's little boy on the micro-blog today.

Jay Chou recently accompanied by four months of pregnancy Ling Ling in Europe vacation, Kun Ling from time to time on the release of some beauty micro-blog.

Kun released a photo, ridicule his photography is also flexible.

But after the photo is issued, many small bitch shellfish were found behind the photo for a small public.

Actually. Jay Chou obviously want to shoot his make-up artist, but because of the inertia of the husband perspective, not consciously focus on his wife Kun Ling, the child his mother income lens.

Many users also ridicule, Jay Chou's trial of public interest in the United States, hhhhh~

In addition to Jay Chou couple, there is a pair of super happy and low-key couple, that is, the couple and the couple of Li Xiaomeng and Wang Lei.

We are small shellfish after hearing the name of Wang Lei, will be more familiar with some, because of the "golden boy" impressive role.

After the start, Wang Lei in micro-blog announced the good news, announced his wife pregnant, looking forward to the arrival of small baby.

Wang Lei also drying out and his wife Li Xiaomeng's seaside holiday photos, it is really across the photos, you can feel a face of love, a single dog crit damage to the well-being of the atmosphere...

Because of the popularity of the reason, in fact, two people's attention is not high.

But true love will know that Wang Lei's micro-blog, in addition to advertising publicity works, the rest of the whole to the wife and family.

In fact, we do not know the little bitch Beckham is in Li Xiaomeng pregnant, Wang Lei to accompany his wife pushed out a lot of work.

In fact, they can also see from the micro-blog, Wang Lei with a pregnant Li Xiaomeng everywhere to play, to say a walk away three people travel.

Wang Lei and Li Xiaomeng are both graduated from Central Academy of Drama, two people at first because of the play became attached, and then contact.

In particular, Wang Lei was asked to marry at the graduation ceremony of Li Xiaomeng, and in less than months, he was able to take home to marry him, so that he would marry her in the first place of the world. And it was not until about three months after the wedding.

Speaking of this, aunt can not help but feel a little, you will love your intentions.

Like grilled ye, though not often on the mouth, but the aunt was too grass lipstick, he is not a drop to buy back, also playfully waiting on the table so he found aunt...

In fact, compared to the high popularity of Wang Lei, in the circle of the visibility of the slightest bit inferior to the Li Xiaomeng.

Li Xiaomeng is the circle of the old play bone, and comfortable, is the child star debut female artist.

When Li Xiaomeng was 15 years old when acting debut, partner Feng Gong, Lv Liping such a circle large coffee, starred in the film "who says I don't care", popular on both sides of the Changjiang River.

At that time, Li Xiaomeng with this drama also won the Golden Rooster Award for best female nomination.

To tell the truth, the degree of red is not inferior to the current national girls.

And at that time, the circle of performing arts in particular order, even if the nomination is also very high gold content.

Although the starting point is very high, but Li Xiaomeng later development is not particularly good.

Just like comfortable, played a lot of drama but the Reds are not red, but the two have a common point, that is very light career, they act as a hobby, when the work, and will not look at the star of this business very heavy.

Especially after Li Xiaomeng and Wang Lei married, how to get out of the filming of the Li Xiaomeng.

In the past two years, Li Xiaomeng has only played two TV shows, and has been working with Wang Lei. Usually two people are very low-key, not in front of the public.

Husband and wife filming is also so tired crooked, show grace love horse is enough

Wang Lei and Li Xiaomeng fell in love for seven years, married for four years, and finally ushered in the crystallization of the love of the people of the two is also the same as the melon people look forward to the "1+1=3", the perfect!!!

Here, aunt can not help but want to ridicule the fans.

No matter how much love, after the powder with mother powder, fuck love beans cause concern for a long time, no love, love love beans began.

Love beans have a love affair, dog food enough to eat, can not help but urge marriage, marriage and then began to birth, after birth, began to worry about when pregnant with a second child...

You are like small shellfish, tell Aunt too, you are not like this!!!