Mark appeared at the airport in Beijing met by friends, a black casual wear lipstick with no wife!

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Mark appeared at the airport in Beijing met by friends, a black casual wear lipstick with no wife!

2017-03-19 06:22:43 336 ℃

The afternoon of March 18th, Mark appeared in the Beijing airport, netizen Super_online lucky encounter encounter Mark, Mark dressed in a black casual clothes, wearing a black peaked cap and a pair of sunglasses, wearing only wearing a white T-shirt, wearing a pair of white shoes, long legs Zouqilulai is handsome. By around screaming fans!

The pick-up of the net friend of many, Mark began to man out for an autograph, Mark said on the road next to the girl feel shy, also advised Mark not to sign, even the assistant has said can't sign, but in the end Mark on the front of the car, the man had asked Mark to get around the other. You want to give him a meal, but it is said that, this is also a big fan of Mark.

Mark carrying a black backpack, in the elevator and the people around him laughing, but also do not forget the humor!

In addition, the machine users found Mark lips smooth and shiny, originally painted lipstick, uncle also want to change it. Along the way and the fans are very cute talking and laughing. This time, Mark came to Beijing is a person, not accompanied by his wife, accompanied by, according to the disclosure, the presence of the Beijing is to participate in an activity of Mark Gao Yuanyuan.

"III. ten peach" let's hit the Mark fame tepid, from the yen value is not Tucao to Yan value acting superb recognized, which shows Mark for "III. ten peach" this drama by the audience love, while Mark is by virtue of this drama circle and successful counter attack millions of powder. From the original users directly call Gao Yuanyuan to pick up husband uncle Mark, this is a qualitative change for Mark, but he wanted to see.

In the "ten peach" III. Mark and Yang Mi as the night China white light to the audience left a deep impression, they love by Mark III and superb acting touched the audience, on the night China shallow love will never change until death has never changed, saying no night China even after the spread of the Internet Mark.

In addition, before Mark life and Gao Yuanyuan's marriage has not been good, many people feel that Mark is not worthy of the national goddess Gao Yuanyuan, even by netizens oppose, but now it seems to be the face. Mark married Gao Yuanyuan has been very happy, two people often in pairs and mad dog food sweet show, let the audience and friends to eat not a pleasure. Today, Mark appeared in Beijing, a wife did not bring, but also a little regret, this dog food can not see, but look forward to the next in order to bring more wonderful works of Mark.