Born to be abandoned by their parents to send people to switch to embrace Honglei Sun was dumped, now 58 years old Xi Xi Xi

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Born to be abandoned by their parents to send people to switch to embrace Honglei Sun was dumped, now 58 years old Xi Xi Xi

2017-03-19 06:23:11 197 ℃

It is said that the actor is heartless, bitch nonsense ", the phrase used in the entertainment of the most appropriate. Look at some of the stars of the Qi old couple love once successful in the official career, in addition to some too much trouble is appropriate, and the other half of their wealth to adversity, total wealth is very difficult, once the waist bulging purse will become heartless, ruthless rejection husband (husband), let them get a half cents to cleanse the family. As to the Yule today entertainment mentioned the hero, Ding Jiali.

Ding Jiali was born in Heilongjiang in 1959 in Jiamusi, was due to a family of poor parents and no fixed income, and the family very boys that she was just born parents abandon, to discuss the transfer to others. The parents and parents don't kiss cruel, this let Ding Jiali childhood is very miserable, no laughing all the memories.

An unusual experience created Ding Jiali's unusual experience. By virtue of this unique experience she admitted to the Shanghai Theater Academy, but also by virtue of professional acting in a number of film and television plays an important role. It is worth mentioning is the lack of motherly love from childhood, let Ding Jiali in the film repeatedly played the role of mother, played the most incisive, every time can win to outsiders.

1986 Ding Jiali busy filming during the rush into marriage, and Hu Guangchuan married. After her daughter was born in 1987, two people have emotional problems, the child just chose to separate the full moon. In 1990, Ding Jiali once again touched the marriage, and a university lecturer in hand in love, after second years of marriage, the same child was born just over the full moon, Ding Jiali's marriage failed again.

In the face of career innovation high, but road difficult feelings of striking one snag after another career. Ding Jiali began to reflect, and finally simply put all the energy on the film above, so that you can not stop worrying about feelings. 1999 Ding Jiali is still difficult to control the inner hormonal impulse, because the play and become acquainted with Honglei Sun.

At that time the situation according to the entertainment Yule learned that Honglei Sun was a just inexperienced newcomer, and Ding Jiali fame outside is a big female stars. But Ding Jiali faced the handsome guy and versatile, such as other sisters generally began to worship (like) on the Honglei Sun. At first Ding Jiali with his tender and thoughtful and sensible to win the attention of Honglei Sun, and finally conquered his heart, become lovers.

It seems to outsiders two people have a great disparity in age, there is a big difference between the status of fame. Of the two people questioned in eyes, said she was feeling that he was to become dizzy with success, borrow their own hype. No matter what others say, Ding Jiali treat Honglei Sun called a sincere, in the enterprise to use their own network to help him, but also in order to pull the role of her boyfriend at the knees to beg......

Ultimately, we can imagine, Honglei Sun fame day by day, but in the end, Honglei Sun chose to break up on the grounds of personality differences, which makes it difficult to accept the, almost impossible to control emotional suicide.

Now 58 year old Ding Jiali is still a single, emotional failure to make her unintentional focus on the development of the performing arts, the status of a disastrous decline. From that year's film and television actor to a supporting role or a humble guest. But most people still love Ding Jiali with the increase of age, no one can accompany the people around, without a person being.