"Sansheng III," the film version of the actor suspected exposure, Luo Jin acting like a parrot?

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"Sansheng III," the film version of the actor suspected exposure, Luo Jin acting like a parrot?

2017-03-19 06:25:02 724 ℃

Recently, the online exposure of the film version of the "three three" role of the staff table, Yang Yang played night Hua, Liu Yifei played the white light, as the play Yan Yan, happy to play the role of Bai Fengjiu Luo Jin. Yang Yang, which is a lot of controversy, some people say that the film version of the value of the TV version of the TV series, but also some people say that after the night without Mark Liu Yifei. Opinions on the evaluation of the stars. However, the recent exposure of suspected Luo Jin shoot folding Yan God on the shape of the exposure, instantly aroused heated debate, and some said the Phoenix shaped into a chicken, and some say like a colorful parrot. In short, beyond the aesthetic perception of users

Watched the TV drama version of "Sansheng III ten peach", a lot of people like Ken Chang played on the folding Yan god! Have to say he played live a graceful bearing of the old phoenix.

I have to say that when I was young, I was really handsome

Let us take a look at the Luo Jin version of the Yan Yan God, know that the phoenix play, do not know really think it is a parrot. Net friend said Luo Jin this is not the performance of Yan Yan, is to play wing Jun Qing ah!

We know Luo Jin is the "beauty" in the deep love of the, the Western Han Dynasty, the emperor of the second

Is "beautiful" Weiyang in Tuoba Jun, Jin Yi kiyotoshi or uniform heroic, touching

However, color parrot Luo Jinzhen is the first time I saw you, just want to say enough value for other, yan.

In addition to the shape of the Luo Jin a little thunder, the shape of the male and female is still very normal, have to say that the value is really very online.

You should be playing Bai Fengjiu is still worth looking forward to, acting class she was 16 years old in Tianshan, did not see the age completely. In fact, when five months old, parents divorced; age of ten. Her mother died, she experienced the hardships of the young.

In the "trump card" in fourteen years after a lapse of ACE, comfortable again played maidens also set off memories of the audience.

There is also the experience of being happy. "Lotus Lantern" in the small fox weird gentle and beautiful.

In the film version of the small ball round face, is also a public users adorable