At discount stores, sit in economy class, the billionaire Zhao Liying money in where?

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At discount stores, sit in economy class, the billionaire Zhao Liying money in where?

2017-03-19 06:25:22 478 ℃

We all know that Zhao Liying is a rural background, education is not high, before entering the entertainment industry has also done sales, waiters and other occupations, but do you know that Zhao Liying is actually the tenth richest list after 80?

The wealth of nearly 400 million yuan of Zhao Liying was never the angel baby like Angela Baby in the ins show frequent

Angela Baby ins pictures

On the contrary, Zhao Liying is grounded to scary!

Like Angela Baby, Zhao Liying likes to wear thick soled shoes, but he knows how to be frugal. A pair of more than 6 thousand - piece - thick shoes almost contract for half a year at the airport in the city of Zhao Liying in the form of a $.

More than 6 thousand shoes, to tell the truth, sister to save wages also can buy a pair of Sa.......

Not only that, Zhao Liying was also photographed friends to discount store shopping spree alone!

Take a look at this atmosphere, is not like the poor we often shop around?

A row of clothes piled in there, even the fitting rooms are not, in order to save some money, are usually placed on Bihuabihua took away.......

I say Ying ah, you are four hundred million, and we do not want to grab a few hundred dollars a piece of clothing! You learn a power, learn a Yan, a bit better to oneself, but also buy a mobile phone shell to buy hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of hermes bags!

See here must have a lot of spray will say Zhao Liying show, speculation, but the people is indeed through hundreds of pieces of clothes!

There are pictures to prove

470! So the price of ground gas was put on after Zhao Liying actually like 47000 is how to return a responsibility?

This photo was taken at the airport by the fans, although after Zhao Liying became popular in the airport to avoid "show" and so on, but most of the time she is still cheap and good-looking!

When it comes to the airport, Zhao Liying was taken to queue up to buy economy class!

Scattered in the pile, laughing very happy, there is no star shelf...... and her cabin a little partner how lucky ah!

See here, maybe someone will ask, she is so thrifty, where earn so much money?

The answer is: do! Ci! Good!

1, bazaar charity gala, Zhao Liying donated 700 thousand......

At that time, my sister saw this picture and not too much feeling, after all, more than she donated some people, but, when the younger sister to see Huang Bin's micro-blog, quietly by the circle of pink.

To do is to do good, almost no one to see!

2, to the Tianjin incident to sacrifice the family members of the fire 500 thousand

3, to repair a road home

Here there is a small episode: at the end of this road repair, many villagers do not buy it, abandon Zhao Liying stingy, repair bad...

This is a bit too much of it, although Zhao Liying is rich, but their hard earned money filming, the road is mutual affection, do not repair is duty, which is thankless?

Don't forget the real kind, not artificial, sister think this a few words to describe Zhao Liying huckleberry!

Finish this article thoroughly into the idiotic sister Ying Bao powder!