"Lotus Lantern" Liu Tao Vincent Chiao prequel mother should have no sense of violation, but she is 11 years younger than him

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"Lotus Lantern" Liu Tao Vincent Chiao prequel mother should have no sense of violation, but she is 11 years younger than him

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If the "Lotus Lantern" is a comedy, then the "Lotus Lantern" is probably in the prequel drama a bit tragic feeling, but this two drama actors are almost similar, quite a bit of life taste

Yvonne Lim, who played three West Princess Ao Cunxin in the prequel, this is one of the shadow of childhood, and it was pretty new married before love, but after marriage can change a person, her love some breathless.

The "Lotus Lantern", transformed into a love of aloes clove, this chain of affection is really a little child, eight prince love love clove, clove and aloes, aloes love jade......

But when she refused to look at lilac, she wanted to say that she was your aunt!

Eight Prince Liu Guanxiang played in the "Lotus Lantern" in there should be a lot of people love? Aloes a pedestrian among the Yan value and force to play, the advantages are placed in the ~!

As Liu Guanxiang in the prequel is the Jade Emperor's son, that is, one of the ten suns, look quite handsome, do not know to have recognized this is the eight time the prince.

There is an actor who plays a different role, and naturally there is a role for different actors to play.

For example, Chen mother three Notre Dame, so many people are praising the beauty in the three edition of Notre Dame "Lotus Lantern" Park Si Yeon's interpretation of a child to see the time really did not think she is Korean.

Later, the drug was broke, had already had two daughters, her husband still insisted on divorce, the marriage of the end of the year to the end of the five, it is the world of things.

But in fact, the prequels as Yang Chan Zhou Yang is not bad ah ~ to see when there is the prequel to the United States to second edition.

But rarely in other works, see Zhou Yang, she played Ouyang He in the "special mission", "hanging sword" in Hong Ying's transit.

However, there seems to be the news of her plastic surgery, turned over her micro-blog photos, it seems very different from before.

Facial features may change little, but not so recognizable.

"Lotus Lantern" episode four in the East China Sea Princess Ao heart is played by Liu Xiyuan, is beautiful, but the clothes is a trough point, also is the Dragon Princess, Cunxin wore very normal thing!

In the four film starring Luo Wei, this is we are not too familiar with the actor, but watching the show, Yan value good play to come ~ jija

"Lotus Lantern" casting is really terrible.

The following is a favorite role in the two plays - Chang E.

In the episode is played by Li Xinru, she may be the first to my aesthetic so subversive actor, see Lin invincible never guess that she can play the time.

"Lotus Lantern" as Yan Danchen Chang Xian Qi full ~ is gentle and kind, like Wuyuwuqiu, no wonder erlangshen also love her.

In the prequel Nezha is simply rave ah, almost crying scene, it is difficult to imagine that this is a 11 year old child acting. Song Zuer is a famous child star, looking forward to her future in the entertainment industry can have excellent works.

Now Song Zuer has grown up, Yan value unabated. Although we all know that she is a happy cousin, but the acting is so good that you can own a piece of heaven.

In the "Lotus Lantern" in Na Zha, the topic is not so high.

Zhang Zhichao played Na Zha can only be said to be ordinary bar, there is no bright spots, but also can not say what a bad place.

Zhang Zhichao now seems to have no news in the entertainment circle, had previously played in the loach "Xiao Lang eleven", "love through time" as Qiaoqiao, it should still be quite familiar ~.

There are "Lotus Lantern" in the episode we never noticed the actors, such as Liu Tao as Yao ji.

Liu Tao is younger than Vincent Chiao was 11 years old, his mother in the drama but have no sense of violation and it is acting...... This drama is also regarded as the peak of Liu Tao Yan time.

There is a very easy to be ignored by the actor, that is, Guo Zhenni played in the seven fairies, who helped Yao ji.

This contrasts with the actually quite interesting, many people have seen "Lotus Lantern" has never seen before, is to give everyone a wave of Amway, the actors stick plot is also very attractive, it is worth a look.

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