Unprecedented breakthrough scale "the name of the people" hit, to look at those classic pictures and lines

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Unprecedented breakthrough scale "the name of the people" hit, to look at those classic pictures and lines

2017-04-05 11:19:53 738 ℃

The recent hot on the small screen TV series "the name of the people" repeatedly broke the wonderful story, characters, nuanced story of ups and downs, the pattern of the magnificent atmosphere, the old play bone show precise place like "spy - war" large, let the masses eat melon look good but addiction, speculation in the end who is hiding behind the scenes everywhere, equal to anything large "BOSS".

The film by the famous writer Zhou Meisen personally penned "back" after the release, dubbed "the history of the largest scale of anti - corruption blockbuster", best tv. It is said that week the screenwriter for the authenticity and objectivity of creation, has in-depth interviews, experience life, and carry out a lot of research work and discussion of some real cases are discussed in detail and analysis, obtained excellent creative material.

Zhou Meisen in the middle

Let us take a look at some of the classic realism, touch the hearts of the wonderful pictures and lines:

1, Hou Liangping and the dialogue of Zhao Dehan: - - right can not be capricious, but can seek - private ah;

2, when you have a lot of money, how did not think he was a farmer's son, now the accident that he is the son of farmers, farmers in China - so unlucky, you have such a bad son;

3, you are sick, sick, this is insane.

(after Zhao Dehan found out a lot of money), you didn't go to the mine;

4, Zhao: now too many false works of art, I was so busy, which have time to identify ah. No money insurance. I do not think he is good, I like to smell the taste, now wake up, really regret ah, you say I want the money to do.

Hou Liangping: of course, of course, the money is useful, ah, sentencing, the court needs.

5, Gao Yuliang: a pair of hawks to play an old hand, but the eagle pecked eyes.

6, Sha Ruijin: Anti - corruption work is not capped, not at the bottom.

7, Hou Liangping said to Chen Hai: season attorney ah, leaves fall, are afraid to hit the head.

This episode Charlie Zhao Dehan can be said that the most exciting, often a surprise fall Biao dialogue chin, let people be struck dumb ", Yong Hou's speech live this character, called the textbook show hanging small meat, eat melon masses have regret, Yong Hou so soon took lunch, asked the Director give him the play.

Wall of money

8, Qi Tongwei's wife: we are in a self righteous way to love each other, are self righteous that each other's happiness, but never ask each other what is happiness.

9, Lin Huahua said Lu director: it is really sad for violence, the woman when the man, the man as a beast.