Photon chip development was invisible cloak magic to help

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Photon chip development was invisible cloak magic to help

2016-11-11 10:44:57 238 ℃

From the "Harry ·"; Potter's "invisibility cloak" to "Star Trek" the Romulan stealth warships, these generally exist only in science fiction novels or movies. American researchers recently used the contact principle, design a specific device for a subset of micro device, which helps to develop a silicon photonic chip smaller, faster and more efficient.

The future of computers, data centers and mobile devices will be replaced with a photonic chip chip. Each photon chip will contain billions of photonic devices, with a silicon based chip in the transistor in the same way to perform specific functions. But the problem is, if will not work with two photonic devices too close to each other, because the light leakage between the two will lead to similar crosstalk radio interference. Increasing the distance between each other can solve this problem, but it will make the chip a lot.

University of Utah Department of electrical and Computer Engineering Associate Professor Rajesh Menon · leading the team found that placing a special nano silicon barrier in two photonic devices, can "cheat" two photonic devices are ignored. Its principle is similar to Harry · Potter's "invisibility cloak", into a device of any light will be reflected back, so as to simulate a side there is no neighbor. This barrier will light back into the original device, that it was around.

The researchers published in the latest issue of "nature" communication · Journal said, when billions into single photonic devices such a chip, a chip can contain more devices performing various functions. It is expected to reduce energy consumption by 10 to 100 times the energy consumption of a photonic chip rather than electrons, which is a boon to a large data center.

According to the U.S. Department of energy's Berkeley Laurence national laboratory research, the U.S. local data center power consumption of 70 billion kwh in 2014, accounting for 1.8% of total electricity consumption in the United States is expected to increase by 4% in 2020.

Mei Nong believes that the most direct application of this technology will be similar to Google and Facebook using the data center. From the electronic to photons can make computers more efficient, and carbon emissions and energy consumption have a huge impact. At present, most of the photonic devices are used for high-end military equipment, Mei Nong is expected to be completely based on the photonic chip will be used in the next few years by the data center.

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Now the earth, has been separated from the chip. Electronic chips or photonic chips or, it is like the human brain neurons, recorded in the process of human social development and left footprints, but also deal with the ubiquitous astronomical data. However, the "brain" to support its "body" coordinated development, as the ridicule of "double 11" piece hand written, "a business that same day turnover of up to at least 90 billion; the national grid smiled, I stopped for a day?"