Share the state supreme science and Technology Award and Tu, how is he big coffee?

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Share the state supreme science and Technology Award and Tu, how is he big coffee?

2017-01-09 23:45:08 191 ℃

This morning, the annual National Science and Technology Awards Conference held in Beijing, Zhao Zhongxian, Tu won the 2016 annual national top science and technology award, the bonus amount of RMB 5 million yuan per person.

Zhong Xian Zhao

Three podium coffee

From last year, won the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine to the award, Tu people are very familiar with, in contrast, another state supreme science and Technology Award winner, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of physics researcher Zhao Zhongxian may be a bit strange.

But in the field of physics, academician Zhao Zhongxian, but a large coffee with a great reputation, he is a leader in Chinese HTS career, and is also a regular national science and Technology Award "".

Since 1976, Zhao Zhongxian has been engaged in the research of high critical temperature superconductor in the Institute of physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and was awarded the Third World Academy of physics prize in 1987 for the contribution of the research on the liquid nitrogen temperature superconductor. 1989, 2013, he led the research team has won the foundation of the innovation research ability on behalf of the National Natural Science award.

Zhao Zhongxian also won the 2015 Mathias prize, which is the first time scientists in mainland China won the award.

The magic of superconductivity

Not far away from us

Understanding of academician Zhao Zhongxian's outstanding academic achievements, we come to know the Superconductivity - the door so that the old Zhao identified, this life only to do this thing cutting-edge technology, in the end what kind of charm.

Superconductivity is known as the twentieth Century great scientific discovery of superconductivity of the abbreviation refers to some of the material is reduced to a critical value in temperature (i.e. critical temperature) below, resistance suddenly disappears. A material with this characteristic is called a superconductor.

Maybe you don't know, superconductivity is on our side now: core components of magnetic resonance imaging in the hospital with 1.5T and 3T is 1.5 Tesla (unit of measurement of the magnetic induction intensity) superconducting magnet or 3 Tesla; North America has thousands of HTS filter service in mobile phone base station, compared with the traditional base station greatly improve the quality of communication; in 2012 it was found that "large collider God particle" CERN, dozens of kilometers of superconducting accelerator ring and a plurality of detectors have several storeys high is the most important part of......

Superconductivity has a bright future. Using the high temperature superconducting magnet eddy current heating technology, the heat transfer efficiency of aluminum alloy was increased by 30%. Once the superconducting technology is widely used, it will create considerable benefits for mankind. Japan has plans to start running a New Shinkansen in 2027, the use of superconducting maglev train will reach 500 kilometers per hour.

In pure science, as one of the most important frontiers in physics, superconductivity attracts the attention of many scientists. Since the discovery of superconductivity in 1911, 5 Nobel prizes have been awarded to the 10 scientists who study superconductivity.

Breaking limit

Chinese records continue to heat up"

Since 1911, the two most important problems in the study of superconductivity have been: how to find a higher critical temperature, more suitable for the application of superconductors? Superconductor superconducting why?

According to physicist Macmillan who won the 1972 Nobel prize for BCS theoretical calculation, that little superconducting critical temperature may exceed the highest 40K, his calculation has been generally recognized by the international academic community, 40K is also known as the "Macmillan limit".

In 1986, European scientists discovered 35K copper oxide superconductors. Soon, including the Chinese scientists, the research team will be the critical temperature of the copper oxide superconductor to liquid nitrogen temperature above the temperature, breaking the Macmillan limit temperature, making it a high temperature superconductor.

Based on years of accumulation, Zhao Zhongxian led the Chinese team of scientists in the subsequent 20 years, by adhering to and efforts to produce a large number of superconducting research results. First, it is found that the transition temperature is above 40K, which is higher than -233 DEG C (0K) is the absolute zero, which is the limit of -273. The conversion formula K and C K value minus 273 of the value, such as 40K=40-273 or -233, and C) to break the traditional theoretical calculation that the critical temperature of superconductor transition temperature extremes; find a series of Fe based superconductors in more than 50K, and 55K to create the world record.

Today is the seventy years of age behind Zhao Zhongxian, is Chinese several generations of young scientists was influenced by his, they are to attack third times of high temperature superconducting breakthrough.

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