unsolved puzzle! Why does the stone move by itself? Troubled by many scientists

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unsolved puzzle! Why does the stone move by itself? Troubled by many scientists

2018-08-04 10:25:32 279 ℃

There is such a mysterious place where the stone can move by itself and leave traces of movement. The stones here are plaguing many scientists. And what is the secret behind these stones? It is still an unsolved mystery.

In the desert of California, there is a place called Death Valley, which is nearly 26 kilometers wide. More than 220 kilometers in length, this is the driest place in North America. The stones that can move slowly on their own are in a dry lake bed in Death Valley.

These stones are called sail stones, and they can move in the desert without the intervention of humans and animals. A hundred meters, and behind the stone, is a long trace of movement in the desert. In the process of the movement of the sail stone, some will suddenly turn, and some will turn around directly.

Why does the stone move? What is the secret behind it? This problem has plagued countless scientists. There are three popular explanations. The first one is a comprehensive effect. Whenever winter, there will be a thin layer of ice on the lake bed, and the wind speed can reach 150 kilometers per hour. The stone is Run by the wind.

The second explanation is the magnetic attraction. Many people think that the sail stone is subjected to the magnetic field or gravitation of other celestial bodies. , thus sliding to move. The third explanation is that bacteria, the smooth material secreted by the microbial community forms sedimentary silt, so that the stone is in a smooth environment, coupled with the strong winds of winter, pushing the stone to move.

Although these explanations have their own merits, so far, there is still no exact theory for the sail stone. Why the stone moves is still an unsolved mystery. How about the little friends, why do you say that the stone will run? Welcome everyone to leave a message and like to forward it.