How many earths are there in the universe?

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How many earths are there in the universe?

2018-08-19 10:25:35 259 ℃

If exactly, there is only one sun in the universe, one earth, one life species called humans, and a large group of life born by the earth, but if there are many planets like the earth in the universe, the answer is It is almost impossible to count.

First, starting from the human exploration of the universe, looking for the next earth, or finding more earth, has become one of the goals of mankind. Its purpose is also very clear. One is to find life, the other is to In order to plan for possible immigration in the future.

So how many Earths have humans found so far? The answer is between a dozen and a few dozen. Among the more famous ones are Kepler 22b, Kepler 438b, Kepler 442b, and Kepler 452b. Scientists believe that these planets and the earth Very very like, they are very likely to have an environment similar to Earth.

As for whether there is life on these planets, this scientist is not sure that because there is an environment like the earth, it does not mean that there will be life, there may or may not be. In short, before humans have landed on these planets, we are not good at making a conclusion.

Of course, this is only discovered, and there may be more that have not been discovered, considering the entire Galaxy, About 200 billion galaxies like the solar system. Of the 200 billion galaxies, I estimate that there is always a ratio of one-hundredth of a billion, so there are at least 2,000 Earths within the Milky Way, and this number is definitely not limited. Do not double it.

Then is outside the Milky Way. I have seen a data that some of the studies believe that there are 2 trillion in the universe, like the Milky Way galaxy, and there are almost countless among so many galaxies. The stars, so according to the proportion of 2000 Earths in each big galaxy, there are 4,000 trillion Earths in the entire universe.

So although I said above, not every planet will produce life, but this figure of 4000 trillion is also Too big, it is the probability of one trillion, and there are 4,000 Earths that will form life, so the probability of other life in the universe can be more than 90%, or even more.

Of course, all this is only an estimate. After all, I don’t see it with my own eyes. I can’t give an absolute conclusion, but one thing is certain. There are probably many earths in the universe. But on these earths, there will be no other group of human beings, because the evolution of any kind of life is unique. Human beings are one kind, original genuine, no replicas, other planets may have another kind of intelligent life, but It’s not like human beings...