Can the giant tooth shark kill the blue whale alone?

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Can the giant tooth shark kill the blue whale alone?

2018-08-19 10:25:35 571 ℃

In theory, it can! The giant tooth shark has long since become extinct. About 1 million years ago, the giant tooth shark has disappeared on the earth, but considering the dominance of the giant tooth shark, I personally think that the blue whale is probably not a giant tooth shark. Opponent.

The first giant tooth shark is very large, much larger than the current shark. The biggest and most ferocious shark in modern times is the great white shark. How big is the great white shark? The answer is 6.5 meters long and weighs about 3,000 kilograms. The food of great white sharks is generally sea lions and seals, and of course sometimes eat some of the bodies of whales.

How big is the giant tooth shark? The answer is that an adult giant tooth shark can be more than 20 meters long and weighs about 70 tons. In addition, their bite force reaches 20 tons of terror. The ability to bite prey even exceeds that of Tyrannosaurus Rex, so it is only from body length. In terms of angle, the giant tooth shark has reached four times the size of the great white shark, and the weight is even more.

And the giant tooth sharks are whale-eating. According to the cetacean fossils that humans can find, they were attacked by the giant tooth sharks during their lifetime. Considering the size of the giant tooth sharks, In the days when they lived, the whales in the ocean were also the dishes in the giant tooth shark.

Whether the Megalodon can kill the blue whale alone, this is hard to say, considering the evolution of the whale, giant In the age of tooth sharks, blue whales may not have appeared, and may appear, but the size is not as big as it is today.

But no matter what, the giant tooth shark has the capital and ability to kill the blue whale. Although the shape of the giant tooth shark is smaller than the blue whale, the gap is not big. The tooth shark opens its mouth and is as large as 2.8 meters. With its sharp teeth, the giant tooth shark can easily bite off a large piece of meat from the blue whale.

Of course, don’t think that the blue whale will be ready to go, although the blue whale has no teeth and is of a size It's huge, but the blue whales are actually very flexible. They swim very fast and can sprint at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour.

How fast is the giant tooth shark swimming, there is a data of 20 kilometers per hour, if this data is accurate, the giant tooth shark can not catch the blue whale, so unless The giant tooth shark can suddenly attack, otherwise it is no play, the giant tooth shark may indeed kill the blue whale, but unfortunately, they are extinct.......