What is beyond 92 billion light years?

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What is beyond 92 billion light years?

2018-08-19 10:25:39 516 ℃

The answer may still be the universe. In fact, how big the universe is, we don't know anyone, but how big the observable universe is, humans know, the radius of this observable universe is about 46.5 billion light years. The diameter is 93 billion light years, so the figure of 93 billion is like this.

What does the observable universe mean? The general explanation is a spherical space centered on human beings. In this spherical space, the light emitted by an object can have enough time to be seen by humans. The scope of this spherical space becomes an observable universe.

So smart students may have thought of another point. Since there is an observable universe, is it unobservable? In the universe, the answer is yes, but the unobservable universe has nothing to do with humans, or it doesn't matter at the moment, because the distance is too far, and even the light can't be transmitted.

Of course, if you ask me how big the unobservable universe is, I can only turn my eyes, maybe tens of billions of light years, hundreds of billions of light years, or simply can’t be expressed by numbers. After all, the universe has been expanding, and the universe is so big that this thing is only known.

There is another point, that is, the universe beyond 93 billion light years, in a sense called parallel to the horizon The universe, what do you mean? I will probably explain it. After the Big Bang, some celestial bodies far from the Earth, they emit light, it may take many years to reach the Earth.

But if these celestial bodies far from the Earth are outside the observable universe, they will never reach the Earth when they emit light, because scientists tell us that the universe is accelerating and expanding at a much faster rate. Speed ​​of light.

This means that celestial bodies outside the universe can be observed, and the light they emit, humans will always see Not the same, and the light emitted by humans is the same, so our universe and the unobservable universe are, in a sense, parallel to each other.

Therefore, the radius of 46.5 billion light years is the limit of the universe that humans can see. Beyond this range, human beings are invisible and cannot interfere. Even if there is an alien there, they also contact. Not human, because the distance is too far, even the light comes over.....