1768 fewer than 3 years, only 2 left in the Western Hemisphere, another bird may face extinction

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1768 fewer than 3 years, only 2 left in the Western Hemisphere, another bird may face extinction

2018-08-28 20:25:44 214 ℃

On Earth, the extinction of living things is a terrible thing, and with the constant destruction, more and more creatures are facing extinction. In the period of the extinction of biology, we have encountered many creatures. However, it is a disturbing thing to face some of the creatures left behind, once again facing the edge of the secret. According to a study by the University of East Anglia, one of the rarest birds in the Western Hemisphere, the Bahama Nuthatch bird category, found this to be a new starting point for extinction.

According to scientific reports, the bird’s habitat has caused serious damage in the US hurricane in 2016. The destruction of scientists, scientists have not seen the emergence of such birds, and now, scientists have once again discovered the emergence of the bird, can be said to be very happy, we have lost a list of people who think that may be extinct. But the serious problem is that there are only two birds left, and they are still on the verge of extinction. This is also the most endangered bird in the world.

Scientists say that after the destruction of Grand Bahama Island, it is basically in an awkward state, and the creature has been desperate. The state, the scientists have also searched, and have not found the bird's trace. It is now found that the bird is about 100 miles near Palm Beach, Florida, on the Grand Bahama Island. It was accidentally photographed. It is conceivable that the number of birds has been reduced to an unspeakable state. There are only two.

According to research data, the Bahamas ostriches have gradually decreased since 2004, and by 2007, the month The number of 1800 has been reduced to only 32, and 1768 has been lost in 3 years. Can this still survive? The scientists analyzed the reasons, mainly due to the loss of habitat caused by felling wood, and the loss caused by the hurricane, the storm surge has destroyed a large area of ​​virgin forest, so that the bird is even less lived, so it will naturally decrease.

The McKenzie Science team said that after the filming, we have found that they have foraged together six times, at first I thought that there was only one left. I didn’t expect that there were two in the end. This is a gratifying thing. But the sex of the bird is still unclear. If there is a male or female, it is expected to be protected and proliferated. If it is the same sex, the bird will still face the possibility of extinction. The creature cannot be immortal. On the whole, it can be found or objective.

In recent years, human beings have been devastated by the destruction of the earth and the threat of human beings on the earth, causing a lot of The extinction of living things in this process and the deterioration of the natural environment have been intensifying. Some scientists also said that our human earth may be undergoing the sixth mass extinction, so it is incumbent on us to protect the environment and protect the earth. Otherwise, more and more creatures will say "goodbye" to us. Thank you for reading!

Author: text / Luo Zhaochun