The time crystal was discovered, does it mean that the perpetual motion machine is about to come out?

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The time crystal was discovered, does it mean that the perpetual motion machine is about to come out?

2018-08-29 10:25:19 395 ℃

The perpetual motion engine does not need to provide continuous energy, and it can run for a long time. When such a bad thing is raised, at least 99% of people will laugh and laugh: drink too much, how can this world be like this? s things. Ok, I am also a part of this 99%, but now this stuff is likely to be realized, then we will not shout: wow, what a ghost.

In 2017, the Nobel Prize winner, MIT physicist Frank Wilczek, published a message that their research team successfully experimented with "time crystals". Well, this "time crystal" was discovered by this physicist, so he won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2012.

So what is this "time crystal"? Crystal I think everyone knows, ice crystal, salt crystal, quartz Crystal, etc., this "time crystal", first tells you that it does not belong to the product of our dimension, the crystal we are familiar with is the crystal of the three-dimensional world material agglomeration, but this "time crystal" is from the four-dimensional space product, understand Yet? After the concept was put forward in 2012, it was quickly verified, that is to say, it existed in theory, then what is the concept of time crystal? I will not apply physical explanation here. Simply put, this thing is it. It can change over time, but will continue back to the same shape at the beginning of it, just as a moving pointer of a clock periodically returns to its original position. Unlike ordinary clocks or other periodic processes, time crystals, like space crystals, are a state of minimal energy. Think of it as a clock that can be kept forever, even after the universe has reached a hot silence.

If you still don't understand, then for another example, the time crystal is like a jelly, you touch it gently. It keeps shaking. But the difference in this movement is that it does not consume any energy. The time crystal is like a "jelly" that continually oscillates under natural ground conditions.

At present, the research team is a time crystal obtained by arranging ten cesium ions in a row and entanglement of their electron spins, and then alternately illuminating them with two lasers. One laser is used to create a magnetic field, while the other laser is used to quickly flip a portion of the atom's spin direction. As the rotation of all atoms entangles, these atoms eventually enter a stable, repetitive spin-flip model that becomes a crystal.

However, since the crystals produced are relatively small, they cannot be put into use, but this is an improvement, but if we later Breakthroughs in other areas, once created, can mean that we will be able to extend our tentacles from three-dimensional time to four-dimensional space, which is a huge improvement.

After all, we have been in an abstract state for the four-dimensional space, and it is difficult to make it concrete. This breakthrough in the field can not only break this bondage, but also provide a driving force for our technology. We must know that we must proceed from the technological civilization. Into the universe civilization, the knowledge and energy needed are not supported by our current technology. If we break through, our human civilization will take a big step.