The Perseus ε meteor shower will be ushered in on September 10th, helping teachers festival

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The Perseus ε meteor shower will be ushered in on September 10th, helping teachers festival

2018-09-08 20:25:31 206 ℃

Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, September 8 (Reporter Zhou Runjian) Friends who like the meteor shower should pay attention. Astronomical experts said that the September Perseus ε meteor shower is expected to usher in the September 10th Beijing time, helping the 34th Teacher's Day in China.

The meteor shower in September is quite a lot, but most of the traffic is not large. The Perseus ε meteor shower is worth recommending.

Shi Zhicheng, member of the Chinese Astronomical Society and director of the Tianjin Astronomical Society, said that the active period of the meteor shower is between September 5 and 21 every year, and it is ushered in from around 9 to 10 days. In the mid-high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, on the night of the 9th to the 10th, the meteor shower radiation point will rise to a height suitable for observation after 22 o'clock. Its radiant point is on the fifth side of the famous food change star in the constellation of Perseus.

Astronomical forecast shows that the Perseus ε meteor shower ushered in from 0:00 to 1 pm on September 10, and this time period is more suitable for observation in the northern hemisphere, and the day coincides with the first day of the lunar calendar in August. Moon night is very suitable for observation.

The reporter learned that in fact, the flow of the Persian meteor shower in September is very small, and the ZHR (the hourly flow rate of the zenith when the radiant point is assumed to be extremely large) has only a single digit, but in 2008 and 2013. There have been more than 10 per hour, and there are more bright meteors.

Shi Zhicheng said that given the characteristics of the Perseus ε meteor shower, it is worth seeing. “Astronomical enthusiasts interested in it are best to choose an empty area with little light impact and no mountain or building blockage.”

Astronomical experts also said that due to human predictions of meteor showers Unlike the eclipse and the eclipse, the public must be mentally prepared before the observation. At that time, it is very likely that the meteor will not be observed for a long time.