Another creature is facing extinction! The last "land" of the Adelie penguin may be reduced by 50% in 10 years.

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Another creature is facing extinction! The last "land" of the Adelie penguin may be reduced by 50% in 10 years.

2018-09-11 10:25:27 257 ℃

On Earth, we may face another major problem. Our "cute" penguins are "swinging" goodbye to us. This is not a good thing for us humans. Penguins are human beings. "Biological light" is a rare creature in our Antarctic, so it is our unshirkable duty to protect penguins. However, with the changes of the earth, perhaps the penguins are not as simple as we think, can survive intact, and let We humans can "watch" forever.

According to the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Alliance research report, the Antarctic Adelie penguin is facing a crisis because of climate warming and the extinction of krill fishing Threat. This is the thing we least want to see, and this problem will be more serious in the future. The number of penguins in Antarctica will become more scarce because of the reduction of Adelie penguins, so this It also directly shows that our Antarctic ecosystem has undergone a major transformation, and the Antarctic in ancient times has ceased to exist.

According to the scientific alliance, Lenna Zarkova, according to statistics, the total number of our Antarctic Adelie penguins reached 40,000 in 2017. And the horror is that there are only "2" newborn little penguins surviving. I can't imagine this data. This is published in the "Eastern Economic Forum" because part of the reason is human influence. The resulting ending, the climate plus overfishing of krill, accounts for more than the number of penguins eaten. That is to say, the region itself is a region where penguins and humans coexist, and now humans are already rushing Take them, let the Adelie penguin possibly lose the last "territory."

According to the report, if this phenomenon continues, it will probably reduce the number by 50% in the next 10 years, so it is also starting to discuss Establishing a new marine sanctuary in East Antarctica to prevent the Adelie penguin from going to the brink of extinction. At that time, there was no chance to "retain". At present, expert Zarkova has submitted a marine no-fishing zone and marine protected area. The report hopes that this report will draw everyone's attention and quickly protect the Antarctic Adelie penguins.

Penguins as "neighbors" in the Antarctic region of humanity, indeed more and more problems make them threaten in the place of existence, not a simple climate Changes have caused their number to decrease, and they have also joined some of human factors. It seems that the state of what is inseparable from human beings, including the appearance of natural disasters, is similar. It can be seen that human influence on the earth is occupied. Most of them, but the fact that they can be protected is not the existence of these problems, mainly because humans have not done so.

So, still, only the creatures can maintain our balance of the earth. If the earth's creatures are gone, humans will almost face a serious problem. The problem is that we all live together on the earth. Mutual maintenance is likely to have a bright future for our planet. Otherwise, we will not face so many natural disasters today, including artificial earthquakes proposed by the human science community. It may be because of human beings. Let's work together to maintain the earth. Thank you for reading!

Author: text / Luo Zhaochun