Another new earth was discovered, better than the earth's protection, but unfortunately or already living

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Another new earth was discovered, better than the earth's protection, but unfortunately or already living

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A new earth has been discovered, better than the protection of the earth, but unfortunately or has lived in life

Since human telescopes have become more and more accurate, scientists and astronomers have been searching for new inhabitable planets in the universe, generally It is said that they are all similar to the Earth's environment, because such a planet is more suitable for human living conditions, such as other planets, in fact, may have given birth to life, but because of the backwardness of human science and technology, even if you want to go Exploring is also a matter of heart and effort!

The terrestrial planets are endless, so which one is the most suitable for humans What about living? He said that it is possible to be outside 10.8 light years, because scientists have discovered a new earth there. It is said that this new earth is better than our earth protection. Let's take a look!

This terrestrial planet was named by the scientist Ross 128b, accompanied by The sun is there, its star is called the red dwarf Ross 128, the two are complementary, we are not far away, but unfortunately we want to live on this planet, the difficulty is still very high, generally Scientists have discovered that the stars are much larger than the sun, but this time the Ross 128 is only one-fifth of the Sun, and the Ross 128b is only 1.38 times that of the Earth!

Although the sun of this new earth is far less than us The sun, but also because it does not reflect too much of the sun's energy, so it is more sheltered by the sun, causing them not to be burnt by strong sunlight, plus the distance between them is moderate, making this Everything in the planet does not accept the warmth of the sun all the time, so scientists will say that this planet is better than the protection of the earth!

But there are advantages and of course disadvantages. The planet may also be caused by proximity. Can't have the same tidal reaction as the earth, it will make half of the area of ​​the planet enveloped by the eyes, and the other half will always be in the dark, but in any case, this new earth has many advantages, mountains and rivers The rivers are not lost to the earth, but unfortunately there may already be life to live in one step. When humans want to move again, they will not be allowed to engage in a Star Wars!