The 10 longest-lived animals in the world!

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The 10 longest-lived animals in the world!

2018-09-14 00:25:45 304 ℃

The theme of today’s Xiaobian is “Lifetime”.

Although there are no immortal animals in the world, there are many animals that are long-lived and 100-year-old. Let’s take a look at these amazing little animals together with Xiaobian!


This Jellyfish species is perhaps the only animal in the world that truly discovers the old spring. Because it has the ability to transform from a mature adult stage to an immature polyp stage and then back again, perhaps its lifespan is not limited by nature. Because they can ignore death, the number of individuals is constantly increasing.


Old Antique Words are often used to describe an old man, but when it comes to a lizard, the word is as exaggerated as it is. The two large lizard species that are currently alive are the only surviving species in the lizard, and they are living antiques. They are also the longest vertebrate animals on the planet, and some lizards have a life span of between 100 and 200 years.


Bow Whale The name is derived from a huge and unique bow-shaped skull. Bowhead Whale (also known as Arctic Whale, Greenland Right Whale) is a marine mammal belonging to the whale. After growing, the length can reach 20 meters (female is larger than male). Bowhead whales are also known as Arctic right whales, and by far they are the longest-lived mammals on Earth. Some bow-headed whales were found to have spikes of ivory spears, which were all captured by whalers 200 years ago. The oldest known bow-headed whales currently have a life expectancy of at least 211 years.


Turtle It is considered to be the longest-lived vertebrate on Earth. Among them, the longest-lived representative is a Galapagos tortoise named Harriet, which was 175 years old when he died in a zoo in June 2006 due to heart failure. Harriet is considered to be the representative of Darwin's epic sailing on the Beagle. It is said that an Arab Labrador named Adwaita died at the age of 250.


These huge seas Oysters, which are native to Puget Sound and are known to have survived for at least 160 years. They are known for their long "necks", or siphons, and can grow to more than a meter long.


These gorgeous deep sea creatures are Tube worms, which live near the carbohydrate vents on the ocean floor. It is well known that they have survived for 170 years, but many scientists believe that some may have survived for more than 250 years.

Red Sea Urchin

Red Sea Urchin > Also known as the giant purple sea urchin, they can only be found in the Pacific Ocean, mainly living on the west coast of North America. They live in shoal areas, sometimes on rocks, or in low-tide lines 90 meters down the water, but they don't stay in rough seas. They use their body spurs as stilts to crawl on the sea floor. If you find a red sea urchin, remember to tell your elders because some individuals have a life span of more than 200 years.


Koi 鲤 is an ornamental domesticated carp. They are usually kept in pools with artificial rockeries or in decorative ponds. Surprisingly, some species have a life span of more than 200 years. The longest known life expectancy is a koi named Hanako, which is 226 years old.

Marine Round 蛤

Marine Round 蛤< (Iceland Arctic Stork) is a scorpion species that is used for commercial mining. Researchers have interpreted the black concentric circles or rings on the shells as year marks, much like the tree's annual rings. Some collected samples have been estimated to have a life span of more than 400 years.


Maybe due to the extremes of the Southern Ocean At low temperatures, this immobile organism has a rather slow growth rate. Some of the oldest individuals are estimated to have a history of 1550 years.

Of course, the life span of people is also very long. It is introduced in the longest life of the Chinese world. Some people recorded in China actually lived to be two or three hundred years old. I don’t know what people like two or three hundred years old look like. It is.