There is no dry firewood seal, as long as there is a bed in the heart, wherever you can sleep, the leopard is cool...

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There is no dry firewood seal, as long as there is a bed in the heart, wherever you can sleep, the leopard is cool...

2018-09-15 00:25:43 1114 ℃

A few days ago, a neon leader came to the Shinagawa Aquarium in Tokyo to play.

I wanted to see energetic animals and heal the tiredness of working in the past few days.

But the "negative" scene in front of him made him look at it:

"A seal that is as dying as a dead, and does not want to move."

Seeing seals in yourself I had a good night's sleep during work hours, and I didn't care if there were any visitors to watch it.

There was no one lying around, and I showed my fat belly.

It can be said that It’s a waste seal...

The air looks a bit quiet, and it’s also become a famous style.

Speaking of an animal like a seal, it can be used both underwaterly and on land. On the event.

At the same time, seals can sleep peacefully, whether underwater or on land.

But don't worry, seals will not drown when they sleep in the water.

When diving, the seal will close the nostrils and temporarily stop breathing, even if you sleep in the water,

When you need to breathe, wake up and breathe out once.

At the same time, the seals have a strong "helium" ability, and it is no problem to take a nap in the water.

Physically qualified, relaxed in the zoo or aquarium,

So in addition to sleeping on land, when you are really sleepy,

Sometimes swimming and feeling a little tired, the seals may switch the sleep mode directly in the water,

and the sleep posture can be said to be various, how to feel free to come... ...

So many netizens have witnessed the scene of the seals sleeping during work hours:

▼Reply to po, we are probably seeing the same seal

▼It’s normal to sleep under the pool

▼ Sometimes you have to stand upside down and sleep at the bottom of the pool

▼ Ah forced too far, the bottom face hit it sinks into cake leopard

< p>

▼Please enjoy the seal's ass (^o^)v

▼ can bend and stretch, can sleep in order to sleep...

this sleeping position ▼, less common it ......

▼It’s really sleeping like it’s dead

▼Float in the water, put your nose out of the water, do not move, is this still alive?

▼ aquarium in Kyoto, develop new sleepers seals lie

▼ sleep particular ecstasy, lying directly in the glass edge

▼It’s like a bathing grandfather, so comfortable, fluttering, and falling asleep

▼Not only sitting on the wall, but also heading to the side, this sleeping position is no one.

▼The first time I saw a nap in the grass Seals

▼ lie straight on the stone to sleep, looks like a big sweet potato

▼The seal of Shizuoka City’s Nipponbuk Zoo, the latter part of the land is on the land, but the head is buried In the water...

▼ Chuanzi sleep, large leopard sleeps

▼After the climax, suddenly fell asleep...sleeping

▼Sleep on the stairs The space is just right, the arrangement is clear and clear

▼Retaining the ram, probably a dream It’s delicious...

▼Like a baby, when you sleep, your hands are still small.

▼ Shizuoka City Kamo Aquarium, sleeping position Curved fat man

▼ or not uncomfortable, non-card crevice or crevices in walls of sleep

▼There is still swimming like this, slowly and slowly, like falling leaves, falling to the bottom

Either it falls to the ground like a sudden power outage,

Some are just like water in the water,

Go to the aquarium to see the sea Leopard sleep seems to be the punch tourists daily.

In the world of Leopard Stars, as long as there is a bed in the heart, you can sleep in a place where you can sleep~

啊~I want to be a seal _(:з"∠)_


啾啾小蜜儿: It’s too cute to sleep in a leopard ball. Hahaha

FunkyThugLife: One leg, one eye, one eye , one day passed

toffee 喵 _: bathing grandfather absolutely hahahahahahahaha 兲譱 憥: For the novice breeder, the pear is so big, playing and playing suddenly suddenly quite straight up this is What kind of trouble?

KageSS-Shadow: I want to be a leopard (:3_ヽ)_

Old flower family uncle: Hahaha! ! Needless to say salted fish in the future! Life is like a seal!

Ah, ah, trouble is dead: it’s so cute!

byakuha_7 Sauce: The last picture I heard a bon

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