Scientist: Human beings are in the most barren no man's land of the universe, we will be isolated

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Scientist: Human beings are in the most barren no man's land of the universe, we will be isolated

2018-09-18 00:25:23 308 ℃

Fun Discovery News A long time ago, human ancestors thought that the land under their feet was the center of the world, and the sun, the moon and all the stars revolved around this center. However, with the birth of the astronomical discipline, astronomers' exploration of the universe, human cognition of the universe can be rapidly improved, and it is discovered that the earth is round, and the moon revolves around the earth, and the earth revolves around the sun.

Later, humans discovered that the deeper the exploration of the universe, the more they felt the smallness and ignorance of human beings. Because the sun is just one of the 400 billion stars in the Milky Way, the sun will be extremely humble compared to the entire Milky Way. So, is the center of the galaxy the center of the universe? The truth may make you feel very embarrassed.

When we zoom in on the universe to hundreds of millions of light years, you will find the original diameter The 120,000-year-old Milky Way is just a drop in the ocean. The virgin cluster of hundreds of millions of light-years of the Virgo contains hundreds of millions of galaxies like the Milky Way. The Milky Way is just a faint light in the Virgo Superclusters. The highlights are gone. Therefore, how can the black hole in the center of the Milky Way be the center of the entire universe! Could it be said that the center of the Virgo Super Galaxy Cluster is the final center of the universe? The truth may make you feel embarrassed again.

Although astronomers are keen to know who is revolving around the Virgo super-galaxies, astronomers have only discovered the Virgo super-galaxies. The regiment is a superstar group that rotates. However, astronomers believe that the Virgo super-galaxies must operate around larger galaxies, but we have no way of knowing them, and the Virgo super-galaxies are certainly not the center of the universe.

Is this all the universe? of course not! As early as 2013, a group of astronomers headed by Amy Badger proposed a bold idea in a study: the universe consists of many super galaxies forming a fibrous structure that looks like a chicken feather, and our Virgo super galaxy The group may be at the end of the fibrous structure. Except for only one channel, the other is a kbc cavity called by scientists. The density of galaxies in the kBC cavity is much thinner than other regions. Therefore, the astronomer Ai Mibajie believes that we are in the most barren places in the universe.

Recently, at the 231st Astronomical Conference in the United States, a scientist found new evidence to prove the authenticity of the kbC void and pointed out that the void is 1 billion light-years in diameter and it is one more than the other. Ordinary hollow is 7 times larger than the super hole. The theory of kbc void coincides with the results of many years of searching for extraterrestrial life. Why is there no aliens on the earth, why humans have never found aliens in the universe.

If this is the case, then we are in the most remote uninhabited area of ​​the universe, like no one in the desert Like the district, the human beings on earth are lonely, and we will be isolated. And other high-smart aliens are in the most bustling and prosperous areas of the universe. Take us away from this no-man's land unless we get help from aliens. More interesting scientific inquiry, please concern only micro-channel public number: interesting exploration

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