What is the significance of the scientific supercomputer to calculate the pi? Can you figure it out?

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What is the significance of the scientific supercomputer to calculate the pi? Can you figure it out?

2018-09-19 00:26:07 349 ℃

What is the significance of scientists using supercomputers to calculate pi? Can you figure it out?

I believe that everyone knows the pi rate as a constant. Because we can't estimate its correct value, we use a letter π instead. When the pi was discovered, it sensationalized the whole mathematics world. The impact has continued to this day. We have always been working to estimate the numbers behind the pi. If one day's numbers are all estimated, what does it mean for the world, then why use a supercomputer to calculate the pi?

People have never given up on the calculation of the pi. From the moment we found it, this represents extraordinary significance. In today's world, the number of pi is already estimated to be 2 trillion by computer. This is indeed very remarkable. In the future, when the pi is calculated, it means that there is nothing else in the world. We are human. Human beings will create one myth after another, but everything that you need to get can be done. By that time our vision was not just the earth, but the entire universe.

The Earth as an asteroid in the universe is indeed very large for us humans. Since we all think that the universe is mysterious and dangerous, people dare not directly meet with it. If the pi is successfully calculated, then it is very possible for humans to study the matter in the universe, and in order to calculate the pi, We will also make huge breakthroughs in computers. Many people think that the pi is inexhaustible, but we know that the pi is obtained by comparing two fixed values. The two values ​​of the absolute circle are all determined, so there is no limit in the calculation. The problem, if it is really inexhaustible, can only be said that there is no absolute circle in the world, which means that the circle and the ball we are talking about today are not round and spherical.

The computer behind the estimation of the pi is now used, as to why the supercomputer is used when calculating the pi. Because the calculation of the pi is too complicated, it is difficult for ordinary computer programs to calculate the pi. To know that it is the first infinite loop number that we touch, the calculated back digits are very large, and we must use super-accurate, large-capacity computers to ensure the correct results. This is the main reason, and the supercomputer is more powerful and simpler and faster.

In the early days when there was no supercomputer, the scientists used ordinary computers to do so. The problem caused an error. Later, researchers turned to supercomputers to calculate, and the results obtained were more accurate. When science and technology develop to a certain level, it can indeed bring great help to human beings. I don't know if everyone is fully aware of the pi.