Crossing the boundary of hybrid animals

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Crossing the boundary of hybrid animals

2018-09-20 00:25:30 1239 ℃

People classify animals, but animals will break through the boundaries of the species from time to time. Sometimes, different types of animal crosses will produce seemingly weird offspring, and this set of pictures will give readers a taste of one or two. In general, two animals are able to cross to produce offspring, indicating that they are close to each other.

Red Parrot Cichlid is The hybrid of the Midas and the red-headed squid, their biggest feature is that the mouth is small and vertical, like someone is flattening from both sides, this fish is very hard to eat

The spotted pheasant is the offspring of the cross between the scorpion and the zebra, usually only with stripes on the legs, like wearing long striped socks

The lion and tiger beast is a descendant of the male lion and the female tiger. It is strong and has the color of the lion and the stripes of the tiger

The Asiatic Cow is a cross between the British yak and the common domestic cattle. Their heads are like ordinary cows, like yak, than their parents. Heads are big, strong, and produce more milk, cows can give birth, bulls are infertility

Sheep and goats Hybrid offspring with the appearance of a sheep, partially contaminated with the smooth hair of a goat

The cetacean is a natural hybrid animal in the ocean. It is a descendant of bottlenose dolphins and pseudo-killer whales. It looks like a dolphin.

The zebra is a hybrid offspring of horses and zebras. If the horse is white, the zebras produced are as shown on the left; if the horse is brown, the zebras produced are as follows: