The typhoon is gone, the volcano is coming again, and it has been sprayed 64 times in one day.

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The typhoon is gone, the volcano is coming again, and it has been sprayed 64 times in one day.

2018-09-24 00:25:24 253 ℃

It seems that this year has reached the most intense solar activity. There have been many meteorological and geological activities since the summer of this year. For example, the recent super-strong typhoon mangosteen has affected the lives of people in the southern coastal cities of China. Scientists have been studying the relationship between meteorological activities or geological activities and various changes on the earth, but until now scientists have not yet reached a definitive conclusion. Now people will think about whether a series of phenomena happening on the earth is completely accidental? Or is it completely necessary?

Let’s not say whether it is accidental or inevitable, or take a look at some of the recent geological activities on the planet, it is said that Recently, some volcanoes have been disturbed on the earth, so the number of volcanic eruptions has increased. There are many active volcanoes on the earth, but the intensity of most active volcanic eruptions is not that great. If you want to say which volcano erupts the longest time, then you must say the Hawaiian volcano in the United States. This volcano is There is no way to compare other volcanoes around the world because Hawaii has the longest eruption. Recently, however, geologists have discovered that a new volcano is at the peak of its activity, that is, the Azuma Mountain volcano in Japan.

On September 15, the probability of a volcanic eruption in Japan is very high. Experts identified it as a second-class, perhaps It broke out between thoughts. However, at this time, there is an active volcano in the Western Hemisphere. This volcano is the Popocatepet volcano in Mexico. It is very frequent during the 24 hours from September 16 to 17 local time. Fully calculated, the volcano erupted 64 times in one day. Among the 64 eruptions, the jet magma height reached 1200 meters!

The typhoon mangosteen in the eastern hemisphere and northwestern Pacific has just subsided, and the volcanoes in the western hemisphere have stepped onto the stage. Is this? Is it a fixed law? Or maybe the earth is doing a big gasp? Looking at it now, the eruption frequency of this volcano is really too high, and ordinary people can't imagine it. It was sprayed 64 times in one day. Although the average intensity of these 64 volcanic eruptions is not that large, the problems behind it are very serious.

According to valid data, at the time of the volcanic eruption, the sound of volcanic eruptions could be heard around ten kilometers. The impact of this volcanic eruption is very large. Except for the Azuma Mountain volcano in Japan, the rest is the Mexican volcano. It can be said that it is the most powerful active volcano this year.

If you trace the history of this Mexican volcano, you will find that the volcano has already started its activities. This year is just this year. The volcano erupted several times, and the severe one was affected by the earthquake in Mexico. At that time, the volcano erupted a volcanic ash that was nearly two kilometers high, and the impact was very large. As mentioned above, the sound of volcanic eruptions can be heard within ten kilometers of the volcano. It seems that this ten-kilometer radius is very unsafe and needs to be highly alert.

The volcanic eruption has irregular characteristics, and unless there is earthquake induced, it is impossible to understand the law of volcanic eruption. However, scientists are paying close attention to the operation of the volcano and constantly detecting the activity of the volcano. Once there is a possibility of explosion, the scientists will announce it for the first time. There are many active volcanoes on the earth. These active volcanoes are erupted from time to time. Unlike the extinct volcanoes that have not been in motion, according to statistics, the most frequent volcanic eruption this year is June.

The volcanic eruption will inevitably affect the surrounding environment. After the volcano erupted in Mexico, most of the surrounding infrastructure stopped. Operation, the airport is closed, and personnel are evacuated to a safe area. Fortunately, the intensity of this outbreak is not great, otherwise it will be a disaster in Mexico.

When the earth disaster strikes, people have no way to deal with it well. The only way is to hurry away. Of course, it is better to stay away from these active volcanoes. In the event of a disaster, the most important thing is to stabilize the mindset before you can face it bravely.